The Washington Times ran a story which every American should be required to read as it would make our citizens realize how dangerous a time our nation has entered. President Obama’s White House National Security Council “recently directed U.S. spy agencies to lower the priority placed on intelligence collection for China” (emphasis added). Specifically, Obama’s White House has told U.S. intelligence agencies to lower their threat rating of China from “Priority One” status to “Priority Two” status. In effect, it means Obama’s White House has ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to regard China as less of a threat to the USA and spend less intelligence resources spying on Chinese intentions or countering Chinese spying efforts.

To their credit, both Leon Panetta, the CIA Director, and Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence, challenged this odd action by their own President, warning that the White House’s actions will “hamper efforts to obtain secrets about Beijing’s military and its cyber-attacks.” One GOP Congressman, Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, correctly warned that “China should be at the top of the priority list, not moving down [on it].” A former State Department official also warned that “It means the Obama administration doesn’t understand the profound challenge that China has become, or … it cannot understand that China’s challenges to America’s policies are becoming even more threatening with each passing week” (emphasis added). A military source also added that U.S. military intelligence agencies are “just beginning to understand the growing need to focus more intelligence assets on the challenges posed by China’s military buildup and aggressive intelligence activities” (emphasis added).

Given the obvious fact that China is becoming a greater threat, Obama’s action to officially declare that China is less of a threat is utterly bizarre. What is going on here? I see only three alternatives, and none are comforting explanations.

The first option is that Obama simply lacks the “smarts” to understand global geopolitics. He had no foreign policy, military or executive experience when he was elected. Some media stories reported he even needed a teleprompter to be able to give a speech to a six-grade class. I heard on a radio talk show an audio clip of an Obama speech where he called a Navy “corpsman” a “corpse-man,” confirming we have a president whose knowledge of military facts and matters is abysmal. The second explanation can be found on various right-wing websites, talk-shows, etc. that Obama is trying to destroy the USA. His profligate spending, his easy association with a pastor who wanted God to “d–n” America (not bless it), his previous associations with Marxist radicals, the growing doubts about whether he is even eligible to serve as U.S. President (the “birther” issue), etc. all support that option’s explanation. The third option, as I see it, is that Obama has just given in to Chinese blackmail. China’s huge U.S. dollar reserves can be used in ways to crash U.S. equity markets (by shorting them), drive down U.S. Treasuries on world markets (by selling them), nationalizing U.S. production facilities foolishly moved by U.S. companies to China, etc. There is a long list of ways China could really hurt the U.S. economy and financial system, mostly because the USA has flagrantly ignored God’s warning about debt in Proverbs 22:7.

While readers can pick and choose which option they think is the best explanation for Obama’s bizarre action to tell U.S. spy agencies to go easy on the Chinese military and spies who are trying to undermine the USA, I lean to option three (the “blackmail” option). We do not know what ultimatums China is giving to Obama behind closed doors. Given the very weak resume Obama brought to the Presidency, he is likely seen by China as being a weak leader who can be blackmailed into taking actions that harm the USA. The trouble with blackmail though is once you give into it, the blackmailers’ demands will get steadily stronger. It is a grim situation that the USA has a President who is clearly taking actions which even top officials in his own administration can see are harmful to the security interests of the USA. Ezekiel 38 makes it very clear that China, Russia, Iran and their allies intend to eventually attack the USA and the western world (see my article “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III“). This makes Obama’s action even more dangerous to U.S. interests.

This very important story about Obama’s bizarre policy decision should have headlined every national TV news broadcast and been featured in every U.S. newspaper. Did you hear anything about it? Why not? Perhaps the “sheeple” are not to be told that they are being led not to a future of “hope and change,” but rather to a future that will devastate Americans’ lives.

One more item about Obama’s intelligence priority decision. He did order U.S. intelligence agencies to devote more intelligence assets to investigating “climate change” (code for “global warming”). When Obama went to Copenhagen for the recent “global warming” conference, the Heavens heaped scorn on the event by sending record cold and snow not only on Copenhagen, but also all over Europe, Asia and North America. Now that Obama has told U.S. intelligence agencies to give a higher priority to the doubtful threat of global warming and less priority to very real Chinese threats, Washington, DC is now being hit by a record snow storm that might give that city over two feet of snow! I think the Heavens just heaped more scorn on Obama’s decisions and agenda.