The first link below details that President Obama’s White House has “caved in” to Chinese pressure…again. My July 19th blog (available in the archives) reported that Obama and his White House staff were yielding to pressure from China to conceal and/or downgrade the real extent of the growing Chinese military threat to the USA. The first link below, from the Washington Times’ “Inside the Ring” column by Bill Gertz,  details a second instance where Obama has passively yielded to Chinese pressure.

The US. Navy was going to conduct maneuvers in the Yellow Sea with the South Korean navy. The Yellow Sea is a perfectly logical place for such maneuvers because it is on the west coast of South Korea. However, China pressured the Obama administration into cancelling American naval exercises in that region, and Obama “caved” to the Chinese demands. You can read the entire disheartening story in the first link. The link does observe that: “As a result…the failure to send the carrier will be viewed by China as a sign of US weakness and will undermine US efforts to maintain freedom of navigation to the Western Pacific near China.”  That observation is, of course, correct. Each time Obama caves in to Chinese pressure, he invites even more Chinese pressure in the future. China is learning that they can easily “bully” Obama into doing whatever China wants. You can be sure the rest of the world’s nations also are noticing that Obama is displaying weakness over and over again vis a vis China when he should be asserting US national strength. Obama apparently does not “get it” that each time he “caves” to China’s pressures, he loses credibility with all nations throughout the world as they see him an increasingly weak leader of the western world.

In all fairness, we do not know what China is threatening to do behind the scenes if Obama does not submit to Chinese pressures. The USA is increasingly playing a weak hand with China because the USA is such a profligate spender/debtor nation and China is the USA’s primary creditor nation. Chinese lenders have every right to be concerned about the unprecedented financial profligacy being practiced by the Obama administration and Democratic Congress, even as any banker would be concerned about a deadbeat borrower who keeps buying expensive things when he can’t even handle his current level of debt. This inexorable financial reality is stated clearly in Proverbs 22:7. Even a tough-minded, mature president would feel great coercive pressure from China due to America’s past and current financial sins.

However, Americans are only delaying a very tough choice. China is probing to see if the USA has any national resolve left, and so far the Obama administration has only signaled weakness. China will continue to pressure the USA into doing what it wants to progressively weaken the USA until it falls like ripe fruit into China’s hands. Unless the US government admits to the American people that America’s debtor status to China means that as a nation, Americans must “bite the bullet” and accept a lower living standard and pay the penalties of our national financial sins, we can expect to see China gain the “whip hand” more and more over the Obama administration. However, that would require the USA’s political classes to admit their own gargantuan mismanagement of the US economy and dollar, and they are not likely to admit their own sins. They will likely continue to “band aid” the worsening problems right up to the time when the prophesied collapse of the globalist economic/monetary system occurs (as prophesied in Revelation 17-18).

Finally, I’ll offer an update to my July 19th blog citing the tensions between the Obama White House and the Pentagon re: a required (and overdue) report on the extent of Chinese military threat to the USA. To state the problem succinctly, the White House doesn’t want to tell the truth in that report, and the Pentagon is balking.  The White House is likely finding it hard to come up with a sugar-coated lie that the Pentagon can sign off on. The second link below notes that the report about China’s military is now five months late, and five GOP Senators are making noises about the delay. It also cites “China’s dangerous arrogance” in its dealings with the USA. Expect that arrogance to grow until Obama finds his backbone in dealing with China.