The wave of revelations about the all-pervasive policy of President Obama’s spying not only on Americans but also the world via the NSA are now shredding what was left of Obama’s credibility. One can hardly keep up with the tide of new revelations about just how vast Obama’s spying programs really are. It is entirely possible that this growing and global scandal will be Obama’s undoing. Nations that have long been allies of the USA are distancing themselves from the US due to Obama’s “police state” policy of spying on the world and other heads-of-state.
This is a long post and will be blunt in its discussion of this topic. Rather than cite the information in each link, I simply recommend them all to readers for updates on this growing scandal that is overwhelming (quite justly I might add) the Obama presidency. The links have overlapping information, but each has vital information of its own to offer insights to you. I will refer to some links specifically.
The world now has learned that Obama’s NSA spying efforts have been so shockingly vast that it will be hard to find any world leader that would ever again trust the US as long as Obama is president. The harm he has done to the USA and its national credibility is almost beyond description. The world has seen reports that Obama has been spying on 35 world leaders including Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil and “numerous European Union offices” (sixth link). Reports indicate Obama’s NSA has been spying on the “phone records of  70 million French citizens” (fifth link). If they are spying on that many French citizens, they must be doing it to citizens of all nations. A previous post at this website noted that the leader of Brazil cancelled a state visit to Washington, DC as she was so infuriated by Obama’s spying program that she refused to even meet with Obama. The seventh link notes that Edward Snowden’s revelations show that Obama’s NSA has been spying on people’s emails, their email address books and even instant messages. Presumably, this means everyone in the entire world. Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel and France’s President Hollande are outraged (with good reason). Germany’s Defense Minister ominously stated that “we simply can’t return to business as usual” [with the USA]. Brazil and Mexico are outraged (eighth and ninth links). Even Saudi Arabia is distancing itself from the USA (eleventh link).
Amazingly, even the dullards who inhabit the halls of the US Congress are beginning to grasp the need to rein in the outrageous and pervasive NSA spying programs of Barack Obama (tenth link). Congress is inhabited by such witless and nonfunctional people that their approval ratings in the USA is now down to the single digits. The American people are fast losing their faith in either Obama’s Executive Branch or the Congress. I saw one poll that 60% of all Americans state that all incumbents in Congress out to be thrown out of office.
Perhaps the final piece of evidence that Obama has lost the support of even his base voters is in the final link. It is a scathing piece about Obama’s spying from the Daily Kos, a very leftist website. It has so many links damning Obama’s government that it might take you a week just to read them all. Its subheadings of links are entitled “Government Officials Fail Honesty Standards of 12 Year Olds,” “The Government is Spying on Everything,” “Your Sensitive Financial Data is being Gathered,” “Spying is Killing the Economy,” “Mass Surveillance Doesn’t Protect US from terrorism,” “The Danger of Tyranny,” etc. When even the leftist Daily Kos goes to war against Obama’s police state spying policies, it is a sign that even his most ardent supporters are seeing through Obama’s phony image that has been fed to people by a compliant and sycophantic press and media. 
The above is enough information for readers to digest about the scope of this dire crisis. It really is a dire crisis. Here is what I see are some self-evident conclusions about what is going on and then I’ll conclude with some biblical prophetic perspectives. The most evident conclusion that I see is that the credibility of the USA’s leadership in the world is all over, finis, until Obama leaves the presidency. It also seems evident to me that, given the prohibitions of the USA’s 4th Amendment to the Constitution against unreasonable search and seizures, Obama’s global and pervasive electronic “searching and seizures” of all information directed against not only Americans but also the entire world is a criminal endeavor. One author of the US Patriot Act (which Obama pretends allows for his police state spying), James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), has stated that Obama has gone way beyond what the Patriot Act was ever intended to permit. If the world is stating openly its anger at Obama to the extent it is, one cannot help but imagine the vitriol that the world leaders now have against Obama behind closed doors (just look at Germany’s Angela Merkel’s facial expressions in the link).  Merkel grew up in Communist East Germany which had the infamous Stasi secret police spying on everyone. Merkel may feel like Obama’s NSA has become a global “stasi” entity spying on everyone and everything. It is now painfully obvious, in my view, that the electronic spying done by Obama has little or nothing to do with “stopping terrorism.” The fact that the Russian security agencies tipped off the American intelligence community to the terrorist intentions of the brothers who became the Boston Marathon bombers and that the US intelligence agencies didn’t even bother to keep track of these identified terrorists confirms a minimal interest by the US government in stopping terrorism via the use of metadata mining.
It is also a virtual certainty that the rest of the world will now pool its electronic expertise to thwart and block the NSA’s spying programs everywhere possible. I don’t think anyone will trust the USA as long as Obama remains president. Obama has done incalculable damage to the USA and its position in the world. The best thing Obama could do for the USA is to resign.
In the Bible, God says in many scriptures that he hates pride and arrogance. Barack Obama is being humbled before the entire globe. He is pulling the American nation down with him as long as he remains president. In Luke 12:2-3 Jesus Christ stated: “there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” The Bible has many examples of national leaders who were punished or removed by God when he got sufficiently provoked by their pride and by their sins. Obama and his nefarious but ultra-secret NSA spy program is now being “revealed” to the entire world, and the true motives and evil actions of the Obama administration are now being “proclaimed upon the housetops” via the global media. Those who are members of the global elites and cabals who think they can hide from public scrutiny while they conduct their nefarious deeds behind the scenes should visualize that God has an invisible angel assigned to them with a tape recorder and a videocam recording everything they do on a 24/7 basis. They have no secrets from God. When God decides to pull the rug out from underneath them, they will never see it coming. Obama and his spymasters never saw Edward Snowden coming. 
Edward Snowden may prove to be the stone that sets in motion an avalanche that will bury the Obama administration and, perhaps, the entire “Babylon the Great” system whose secret elites in the political and economic spheres will be overthrown by the “seven heads and ten horns” who will arise among the nations to overthrow it with considerable anger and prejudice (Revelation 18:1-3, 17:9-18). See my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System?, for an in-depth examination of biblical prophecies about this epochal global event guaranteed by God to to occur in our future.
Who is the greatest winner in this entire debacle for the Obama administration? I think it is Vladimir Putin and Russia. Putin has access to all the NSA’s secret information that Edward Snowden could download, and I think there is little doubt that Putin is revealing it to heads-of-state all over the world to undermine Obama and the USA. As evidence of the gathering storm to fall on Obama, the entire world seemed to “turn on a dime” and back Russia on the Syrian matter and abandon Obama’s plan to involve the exhausted US armed forces in another military action. Even the UK refused to back Obama. I’ll bet Putin has a lot more information that he can reveal to the world about Obama’s actions and about Obama himself that can be revealed to the world at a time of Putin’s choosing. If so, Obama is ripe for being blackmailed by Putin from now on. All the more reason why the best thing Obama can do for the nation is to resign as president. The USA, led by a president whose personal sins and secrets can be revealed by Russia’s leader unless Obama does what Putin wants, is an unfolding disaster that can only get worse.