The first link reveals something remarkable: that the US Director of National Intelligence is warning that US policies (i.e. Obama’s policies) could lead to “a loss of America’s Arab allies.” He warned that Mideast Arab nations (Sunni Moslem nations are named) are upset with Obama’s policies which favored [the Shiite/radical Jihadi position in] Iran, Syria and Egypt. It should also bother Americans that Obama has consistently sided with what used to be America’s enemies: Iran, radical Jihadis and Al Qaida-affiliated groups in Syria and the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. Egypt’s military has intervened powerfully to oust and suppress the dangerous Moslem Brotherhood which was destroying Egypt’s nation and economy. Syria is in chaos. Iran can only be emboldened by Obama’s accommodations and concessions to Shiite Iran. Iraq is coming unglued on Obama’s watch. While the first link doesn’t specifically say so, it is remarkable that Obama’s own Director of National Intelligence is warning that Obama’s policies are bringing ruin to America’s relationships with the important Mideast Sunni Islamic nations. Could it be that Obama’s own appointees are seeing Obama’s policies as being so ruinous to US interests that they are becoming more willing to speak out openly to that end?

At least the Obama administration is even-handed in alienating its traditional Mideast allies. Secretary of State Kerry has further offended the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu by threatening the Israelis with unspecified boycotts and international sanctions if the Israelis don’t make more concessions to the Palestinians (second link). As the second link documents, Israeli PM Netanyahu did not take kindly to Sec. Kerry’s threats against Israel. I do wonder when Obama (or any other western government leader) will demand the Palestinians make some reasonable concessions to the Israelis to obtain a peace settlement? I believe the Palestinians will never negotiate in good faith until such pressures are put on them.

It is remarkable that the Obama administration can be offending so many traditional American allies at once. It is becoming a virtual “wrecking crew” in terms of US foreign policy interests. The US needs strong alliances with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the other Mideast Sunni Islamic nations and Obama is managing, it seems, to offend all of them at the same time. No wonder that there are reports that the Israelis, Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians and others are beginning to work together in their own strong mutual security interests as these nations simply cannot trust the USA as long as Obama is president. With Obama’s plan to further weaken the US military (even as China is rapidly militarizing), the USA will have steadily less “soft power” in international relations as it downsizes its “hard power” (the size of its military forces). It appears we are nearing the point where Obama’s international credibility (due to an incompetent foreign policy and his deeply-resented, secret NSA spying programs on foreign leaders and millions of their citizens) is so low that when he speaks…no one listens.