March 18, 2009
Steve Collins
Recent developments indicate that both the European nations and the new Obama-led American government are isolating/shunning the Israelis in Mideast political and military matters. This is an ominous trend, but one which is actually consistent with a biblical prophecy.
The first link reports that the EU’s Foreign /Security Affairs spokesman, Javier Solana, strongly inferred that the EU nations would take an anti-Israeli position if the new Israeli government headed by Binyamin Netanyahu doesn’t follow the “two state solution” long pushed by the USA, the EU, the UN, etc. The second link shows how dramatically the new Obama administration in the USA has tilted against the Israelis. It reports that the Israeli military Chief of Staff was in Washington DC this week, but was snubbed by both the White House and the Pentagon. President Obama and the American Pentagon Chief both refused to meet with the Israeli military chief. This would have been unthinkable in any previous American administration. Sec. of State Clinton did meet with the Israeli general, but there is no question the Obama administration snubbed the Israelis. The second link also reports that the Israeli army has been ordered to devise a war plan against the Iranians to prevent Iran from “nuking” the Israelis. The third link confirms that Iran’s latest long-range missile launch means Iranian missiles can now reach all Israeli cities. The danger to the Israelis is very real, but both the EU and the USA seem to be in the process of appeasing Iran and accepting Iran as a nuclear power.
The European and American actions seem bizarre, given the unreliability of the Palestinians, with which the Israelis are supposed to negotiate a “two state solution.” The western media has been touting the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA) as the “moderate” Palestinians and Hamas as the radical terrorists. However, a top Fatah spokesman, Mohammed Dahlan, has just indicated that the Fatah-led PA shares the Hamas position that the Israelis have no right to exist as a state (see fourth link below). So much for there being any “moderate” Palestinians.” What futility it is for the West to push a “two state solution” when there are no Palestinian leaders who reliably acknowledge the right of the Israeli State to exist and, even if they did exist, they cannot bind any agreement upon the Palestinians.  If the Israelis do launch a military strike against Iran (which has vowed to “wipe Israel off the map”), the press will likely demonize this eminently-justifiable Israeli action and the Israelis could be very isolated in the world even though the Israelis would be acting to defend themselves against a nuclear attack before it can be launched. If the Israelis feel required to act militarily, it could result in open warfare between the Israelis and their hostile neighbors in Hamas-led Gaza, Hezbollah-controlled south Lebanon and Syria (all of which are Iranian clients). Indeed, Iran may even be eager for such a war because they think they can annihilate the Israelis. It won’t happen.
Zechariah 12:1-7 prophesies that “in that day” (a latter-day reference to the Day of the Lord), “all the people of the earth” could be gathered against Jerusalem, which will be a “cup of trembling” and “burdensome stone” to all nations. God says he will “cut in pieces” the nations who wish to harm Jerusalem and he will make the “governors of Judah” (the Israeli leaders) “like a torch of fire in a sheaf” who will “devour” the enemies who border their territories. We may be approaching the time that prophecy is fulfilled.
The Jews went meekly into the death camps in World War II. They most definitely will not go submissively into a nuclear inferno planned for them by the Iranians. The Israelis/Jews have a Divine Right to be in the Promised Land in the latter days (Zephaniah 2:1-9), and those nations who seek to dislodge or exterminate the Jewish State will have the Creator God as their enemy. If an Iranian-Israeli War does occur, the Israelis will be fighting with existential zeal. Zechariah 12:6 prophesies that the Israelis will not be fighting alone.
 If the Israelis go to war against Iran, my prayers will be with the IDF!,2933,506813,00.html