A previous post addressed how the USA, under the Obama administration, has offended the nation of India and reviewed a list of other nations Obama has offended since taking office. Since that post, news reports have surfaced indicating Obama has offended Germany even more deeply than it was already offended and has also freshly offended the nation of Bahrain.

The first two links [1, 2] report that Obama’s administration has had a double agent within Germany’s foreign intelligence agency who was actually spying against Germany for the USA. The second link states the “..already troubled relationship [between Germany and the USA] was at risk of deteriorating to a new low.” That same link uses language that tries to soften the effect of this latest blow to the American-German relationship, but some of its language offers insights into how badly the ties between these nations are being strained.

It would be most odd for the USA to spy on Germany, a NATO ally, concerning any military matters, so my personal opinion is that the USA used this suspected spy to gather details about Germany’s financial/monetary plans for the future. Specifically, the USA (and the Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street) may want to know Germany’s intentions concerning reported plans being made around the world to have a major currency realignment in which the US dollar is the big loser. A recent post included a link in which Christine LeGarde, head of the IMF, acknowledged to an interviewer that such a realignment is coming. The arrested and suspected spy for the USA may have been an economic/monetary spy instead of one who had military purposes in mind. If the US has one double agent working inside Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, how many others might it have inside Germany’s government? I suppose if Germany wants an answer to that question, they could simply contact Edward Snowden in Russia. Maybe that information was on the top-secret NSA information files that Snowden took with him to Moscow.

The final two links [3, 4] detail how a top diplomat in the Obama administration offended the government of Bahrain so badly he was ordered to leave Bahrain. He offended the Sunni Bahrain government by meeting with one of the opposition Shiite leaders within Bahrain. As I’m sure readers realize, the Sunni-Shiite split within the Islamic nations is extremely serious and volatile at present with Iraq nearing an open Sunni vs. Shiite civil war. The Sunni Arab governments and tribes are aligned with Sunni Saudi Arabia while the Shiites are aligned with Shiite Iran. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been strong US allies in the past while Iran has been a US enemy–calling the USA “the Great Satan.” Given this very tense situation within the Islamic world, a top US diplomat should have been aware that it would have been most unwise for him to meet with a Shiite opposition leader within a Sunni-ruled US allied nation. Such a meeting infers the Obama administration favors the Shiites instead of the Sunnis. This meeting between a top US diplomat and an opposition Shiite leader generally aligned with Iran can only cause Bahrain’s Sunni government to wonder if Obama’s administration is giving “aid and comfort” to its potential internal enemies in the event a regional Sunni-Shiite war erupts.

One wonders if the USA will have any allies left by the time Obama leaves office. Obama and his administration officials have managed to offend so many of America’s allies. The Obama administration’s feckless treatment of America’s allies may have two biblical impacts. The first is that not all nations are mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 in terms of where they will be aligned in the great age-ending Gog-Magog attack against the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel and its allies. Many major nations are mentioned in that prophecy, but some nations are not and the more bizarre American foreign policy becomes, the more likely it is to drive some nations into the arms of the alliance of Russia, China and Iran. The second impact could come earlier in our collective future. Revelation 17-18 prophesies that “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow the global dominance of the “Babylon the Great” system–which I identify as the current global system dominated by the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board in particular, and the global central-banking system and political leadership in general (see my article on why the modern banking system is called Babylon the Great in biblical prophecy). We do not know if the “seven heads and ten horns” are seven individual world leaders and ten major nations or seven major nations and ten subordinate ones or if such global entities as the IMF could be among this prophesied alliance that will overthrow the current world system and replace it with a new prophesied, global “beast” system. We also are not given the years in which these events will be fulfilled. I want readers to be mindful that the “seven heads and ten horns” are not the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance. The former will come into power just prior to the 42-month reign of the beast system (Revelation 13:1-6), while the latter will not make their prophesied attack until the very end of this age. I fully expect that the “seven heads and ten horns” will include major and important nations that the Obama administration and the US power structure are offending all over the world. There is no doubt in my mind that God is guiding events behind the scenes to bring into alignment the prophesied “seven heads and ten horns” who will act at a time of God’s choosing. The global impact of their action will be very dramatic and will affect all of us.

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