The Wall Street Journal has published an extensive investigative report documenting that the Obama administration has implemented what one “former senior administration official” described as “breathtaking” in scope. The WSJ had to use Freedom of Information Act requests to put this story together.
The new US federal government monitoring program will create informational databases on vast numbers of US citizens…”even people suspected of no crime.” Amazingly, the report states that the Obama administration now intends to make these databases of information on US citizens available to foreign governments.
The story notes that this program and what it does was previously “prohibited.” I’d like to ask: “prohibited” by whom?” The Congress? The US Constitution? Executive branch whims? The administration apparently didn’t even bother to consult the US Congress which passed the Federal Privacy Act in 1974 which apparently forbids what the Obama administration has just done. If so, does the current Congress have the backbone to do anything to stop this new surveillance program? I wouldn’t be surprised if all US Congressmen and women are going to be included in this expansive database as key individuals the Executive branch wants to continuously monitor.
Revelation 13:11-18 prophesies that a vast global government will someday be able to not only monitor but also control global financial transactions. That global government will need to have the type of global databases on all people that the Obama administration is now beginning to amass on US citizens. A step has just been taken toward the kind of global monitoring of people that is prophesied to occur in Revelation 13. Almost inevitably, mass monitoring of people leads to attempts to mass controlling of the people who are being monitored.
The WSJ report is a long one, but if you want to read it on-line, you ought to do so quickly. The free link will only be available for a few days.