Two media reports have raised concerns that Latin American nations are considering the development of nuclear weaponry. The first report reveals that Venezuela is looking for uranium deposits inside its borders. Assisting this effort are technicians from Iran, Venezuela’s new ally. Previous blogs have noted that Venezuela has moved into the “Gog-Magog” alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 with its new strategic relationship with Iran (Iran is “Persia” in Ezekiel 38:5). Venezuela protests that its interests in a nuclear program is strictly peaceful. Oh sure! That is why they have the Iranians helping them as we all know Iran has nothing but peaceful intentions in its nuclear program, right? If Venezuela tries to “go nuclear,” you can be sure that Iran will offer Venezuela advice on how to hide a nuclear weapons program (Iran was just caught hiding another nuclear facility inside a mountain near the Shiite city of Qom).  Venezuela could obtain nuclear weapons a lot quicker by simply providing Iran with Venezuelan uranium exports and having Iran build a certain number of nukes for Venezuela in exchange. Do you suppose Venezuela and Iran have already thought of that possibility?

Since Venezuela has become allies with Iran and is buying Russian weaponry, all Venezuela would need to do to become a major threat to the USA is to have Iranian, Chinese or Russian missiles hosted in Venezuela. Iran wants to wipe the Israelis “off the map,” but the Israelis are merely the “Little Satan” in Iran’s eyes. It is the USA which is the “Great Satan” in Iran’s eyes. Iran’s missiles can now reach Europe, but not the USA. However, if Iranian missiles are secretly placed in Venezuela, American cities will be within range of Iranian missiles with nuclear warheads fairly soon. Indeed, Iran wouldn’t even need missiles in Venezuela to hit the USA with a nuclear weapon. All that would be needed is to have a crude Iranian nuclear warhead sailed to Venezuela on an inconspicuous freighter and re-shipped on a Venezuelan-flagged freighter which routinely brings bananas or something else to ports like New Orleans, Galveston, Miami, etc. An Iranian nuke could easily be hidden in such a freighter and detonated in an American port. All it would take is some cooperation from Hugo Chavez (Iran’s ally in Venezuela). The USA is more threatened by Iran’s nearly-complete nuclear weapons program than it realizes.

Also, the Vice-President of Brazil has openly declared that Brazil needs to obtain nuclear weapons to protect itself (see second link below). The article downplays the importance of this declaration, and cites a Brazilian government statement that Brazil is “developing nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes.” Maybe…but that is what all nations developing nuclear weapons say publicly. The Brazilian Vice-President’s statement may have been a “trial balloon,” a potential warning to Venezuela that if it gets nuclear weapons help from Iran, Brazil will “go nuclear” as well.

It is worth noting that as the number of nations with nuclear programs increases, it makes it more likely that terrorists will be able to somehow get their hands on a nuclear warhead and smuggle it to a western city and detonate it. II Timothy 3:1 warned that “perilous times” would come in the latter days. They are becoming steadily more perilous all the time.,2933,555720,00.html