This post’s cited link is both self-explanatory and important. A former staffer at the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA) has revealed that the NSA is essentially monitoring everyone in America (and, no doubt, many non-Americans as well). He specifically is reported as revealing that “everyone in the US is under virtual surveillance by federal authorities.” He states that everyone’s emails are recorded, including members of Congress  (such information could be used to blackmail members of Congress to induce them to vote in a manner they don’t want to do).
The NSA whistle blower, William Binney, retired from the NSA in 2001 and received a prestigious award for civic courage for his actions to expose the NSA’s wanton disregard for the Constitution’s 4th Amendment rights for American citizens (as detailed in the article). You can read more about his revelations in the article, so I won’t repeat them in this post.
Revelation 16:11-18 reveals that a coming global supranational government called the “beast” will eventually be able to implement global surveillance and control of everyone’s economic activities. I think the technology is already available to implement this prophecy, but I believe the globalists are waiting for a global crisis (which they will likely either create or exploit) to implement this level of global surveillance. As many of my previous posts have noted, Revelation 17:9-16 specifically prophesies that “seven heads and ten horns” will (A) destroy the current global economic system called “Babylon the Great” (verse 16) and (B) replace it with a “beast” system after Babylon the Great’s system has been utterly destroyed (verses 12).
Sometime in the future, Christians and others will lose their access to the global internet as the beast system will censor out God’s servants and ministries (HINT: If you want to preserve any thing from my website or the websites of other Christian ministries, you better print them out in hardcopy now while you can). However, when the beast leader tries to stamp out God’s ministries and biblical truths from the internet and everywhere else, it will likely backfire on him in a manner he never imagined. God, the Creator, will show that he and his truths cannot be silenced by puny mankind or any of its leaders. Indeed, God says the nations are like the “small dust of the balance” (i.e. utterly insignificant) to him as he is so vastly above them in his sovereignty (Isaiah 40:15)! When the beast tries to stamp out Christian/biblical expressions, he will find that God calls forth the Two Witnesses, two human beings who will be delegated Divine powers to plague the beast and all the earth with plagues “as often as they wish”  (Revelation 11:6). These plagues will even hit the beast and his seat of power as well (Revelation 16:1-10). Verse 10 of this prophecy indicates the beast and his inner circle will be plagued with pain so severe they will “gnaw their tongues for pain.” The beast will find his diabolical plans checkmated easily by the Two Witnesses for three and one-half years. Obviously, the beast and his armies will try to kill the Two Witnesses. Any person or army trying to kill the two Witnesses will find that not only do their weapons have no power against the Two Witnesses, but the Two Witnesses will be able to slay anyone sent against them with Divine fire. I suspect the beast’s disinformation office may try to blame the power of the Two Witnesses on “evil aliens” who are doing their plagues via extraterrestrial powers.
If you have not read my article about The Two Witnesses, I strongly suggest that you do so. The Two Witnesses will have the same Divine power against the beast leader that was used by Moses and Aaron against the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt in the book of Exodus’ Passover account. The Bible has a lot more to say about the Two Witnesses than just in the Revelation 11 account. You need to be able to recognize the difference between God’s Two Witnesses and the devils’ prophesied “twosome” of the beast leader and the false prophet. Reading my article will give you the biblical evidence to be able to do that. We are now living in the biblical “latter days” prophesied to occur at the very end of our current age just before Jesus Christ returns in awesome heavenly glory and power to establish his 1,000 year reign with his saints as subordinate rulers under him (Revelation 19:11-20:4). See my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? for abundant secular evidence that we are living in this prophesied and climactic biblical time.