In a new major revelation resulting from the secret NSA information Edward Snowden brought to Russia, it has been revealed that the NSA has a super-secret electronic program called MYSTIC whereby it can record and retrieve “100% of phone calls in foreign countries.” Apparently, that means both landline and cell phone conversations. Both links report the NSA successfully first unleashed this ultra-spying program on a foreign nation in 2011. I wonder how many other nations’ phone systems have been electronically attacked by the NSA since then.

The first link states “US intelligence has the ability to conduct mass monitoring of the voice content of calls.” I wonder what nation was the first nation to be targeted for a 100% heist of their phone calls by the NSA? We already know the NSA spied on German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. Was it Germany? Was it Russia or China? Was it Brazil? Brazil’s leader was also spied on by the NSA and was so angry she cancelled a state visit to Washington, DC. She was so angry at Obama she refused to even meet with him. Could it have been Israel? Obama was caught on a live mike indicating how much he disliked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The second link offers a lengthy article by the Washington Post detailing the new revelations about the NSA’s global spying efforts. It is well worth reading. It states that all calls are stored for 30 days and can be retrieved and spied on, but is that just disinformation? Why would the NSA “dump” the “haystack” of information they claim they need? I wouldn’t be surprised if the information is stored in a different database after 30 days but never discarded. The second link also reports on the fact that numerous phone calls of American citizens are captured in the MYSTIC system because so many calls are made between nations. That would include, apparently, all calls made by multinational corporations of any kind who have international business and banking operations and media networks who have foreign journalists.

I’d like to ask whether anyone can be sure the NSA isn’t also targeting Americans under the MYSTIC program? How can we be sure? Is Congress doing anything? It would be a wonder if that comatose body ever wakes up to the erosion of Constitutional civil liberties and rights of privacy being invaded by the NSA.

This latest revelation will only increase the anger of all foreign nations against the USA and especially against President Obama whose administration is approving these global surveillance programs. I think many nations are forming the opinion that the NSA is becoming (or already is) a kind of global electronic Gestapo. Expect global leaders to begin to communicate via diplomatic couriers on important issues instead of on phone calls or via any electronic media the NSA can “capture.”

In a related story, it was reported that under the Obama administration, the American press is losing dramatic amounts of press freedom. The third link reports the USA, once the bastion of freedom and liberty, now ranks only 46th in press freedoms among global nations. There was an especially steep drop in just the last year. All Americans, not just media outlets, should be concerned about this documented erosion of freedoms in the USA under the Obama administration.

I think it is obvious that other nations, all angry at Obama and the NSA, will begin to band together to defeat the NSA’s spying efforts. Revelation 13:16-17 prophesies the eventual beast system will have a global ability to monitor and control financial transactions. The NSA seems to be the entity that is developing the technology that the beast will use to monitor and control the nations of the world. However, the current global system is called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18, which will be overthrown by an alliance of “seven heads and ten horns” who will be furious at it. They will pull down the current global political/monetary/economic system with great prejudice according to Revelation 17:16. It may be the NSA’s out-of-control and unbridled spying efforts that will unite many major nations against the current system and motivate them to replace it with a new global. However, Revelation 13:16-17 strongly infers the final “beast” system will simply take charge of the NSA’s spying data and use it in service of new global masters.

I don’t want people to feel defeatist and helpless however. God is not abandoning those who fear him. Revelation 11 prophesies that God will send “Two Witnesses” who will have Divine powers delegated to them to smite anyone or any nation they want “with all plagues as often as they wish.” Revelation 16 records plagues that will be assessed against the beast system, and even the globe’s leaders at the “seat of the beast” will gnaw their tongues for pain during one of the plagues to befall them. I think there is a good chance that the Two Witnesses will be assessing these plagues against the beast’s government and the beast himself. Revelation 11:6 prophesies the Two Witnesses will turn water to blood (repeating one of the plagues that Moses and Aaron called down on Egypt during the ancient Exodus period). Revelation 16:3-4 also mentions this very same plague will hit the beast’s kingdom and that parallels Revelation 11:6’s prophecy about what the Two Witnesses will do. The book of Revelation is not a strictly chronological book. It has inset and flashback chapters even as all human literature commonly utilizes these same literary devices. Don’t envy the leader of the final beast system. The Two Witnesses will checkmate many of the evil things he will wish to do during the entire 1260 days of the Two Witnesses’ ministry (Revelation 11:3). It is during the three and 1/2 days after the Two Witnesses are dead (Revelation 11:7-9) that the beast will be able to unleash a true reign of terror on the earth. For a thorough examination of the Two Witnesses’ ministry, please read my article, The Two Witnesses. They are mentioned in more places in the Bible than just Revelation 11. They are coming. You need to be able to recognize them when they arrive, as the beast’s system will have a False Prophet who will also be doing miracles. My article tells you how to recognize the real servants of God when they are unveiled in the future.