I wish I was passing on cheerier news to readers, but you need the truth, not the fluff being shoveled to the masses by Babylon the Great’s cheerleaders in the financial press and media. The first link below was sent to me by a reader who is a knowledgeable financial advisor in a different nation. He tipped me off about this interview given by John Williams to The Energy Report website, and I think all readers of this website should see this warning (which you can be sure won’t be shared with you by the mainstream media). Mr. Williams is the founder of the highly-respected website, shadowstats.com, which reports what the real unemployment and inflation rates are in the USA, as opposed to the manipulated “official” data released to the general public by the US Government. This analyst has been cited in top financial media and is often cited on many financial websites as the “last word” in accuracy about economic statistics.

Mr. Williams says bluntly that the finances of the USA and the federal government are so out-of-control that we can expect a “great depression” to hit the USA in “6-12 months” along with hyperinflation. In the interview in the first link, Mr. Williams states the US government is “effectively bankrupt,” and that “we are heading for something far worse” than a continued economic recession. He adds that hyperinflation is coming to America and he expects a “cessation of normal commerce” in the USA. He is not an apocalyptic guru and he expects the nation to emerge from the crisis. He estimates that the time of economic chaos will take “six months” before things begin to stabilize. He expects a barter economy to emerge during that period of chaos.

For those who wish to check his website, you can see that his data shows that the real-world unemployment rate is about 20% already in the USA and that inflation is consistently several percentage points higher than the US government reports. For those wishing more detailed information than what is given in the interview format of the first link, I have included the second link which offers more detailed information from Mr. William’s website. The second link is dated in December, 2009 and it predicted the arrival of a great depression within five years, so it seems evident that Mr. Williams’ assessment has grown more grim in the last eight months.

Obviously, I cannot know if what Mr. Williams predicts is going to happen, but it is hard to argue with his numbers and analysis. The Bible’s latter-day prophecies affirm that what he predicts is going to happen in the latter days at some point, and it came close to happening in the Autumn of 2008 when the global financial system almost failed.  Revelation 17-18 warn that the global economic/monetary system in the latter days will collapse when it is overthrown by “seven heads and ten horns,” nations who finally become so sick of the corruption and manipulations of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Board and their global financial allies that they take direct action to take down the current system (which is based on the increasingly-debauched US dollar). Many past blogs have documented previous information that this prophesied event is drawing closer. My past blogs have wondered whether there will be a seamless transition to a new global “beast” currency when the collapse comes or whether there will be a period of chaos in the interim. I felt that a period of chaos would occur as this would motivate the nations and the global masses to accept the prophesied partial loss of national autonomy that will be needed in order to restore “stability” in global commerce (Revelation 13:7, 17:12). The Bible reveals that it is the “beast” system which will emerge out of the chaos that occurs when the current global economic/monetary system collapses. Mr. Williams doesn’t analyze the coming collapse in biblical terms, but he believes the period of chaos between the collapse and the institution of a new global system that will restore stability will be about six months. We will see if he is right.

I have issued several warnings to readers that you need to be making preparations for the coming period of chaos which the Bible prophesies is certain to occur. If you have not yet done so, please read my article, Should Christians Prepare for Coming Hard Times?, which is available at the articles link of my website. It includes a listing of vital supplies which everyone should have on hand for emergencies, and that list is compiled by a US federal agency. I think it mentions only a three-day supply of necessities for each family as it is prepared with such disasters as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and power outages in mind. In the coming trauma predicted by Mr. Williams, you will need to make preparations for a lot more than a three-day emergency. It isn’t just Christians that should be preparing for what is coming. It will affect everyone, regardless of their religion.