Steven Collins
September 2, 1907
As readers of this blog know, much evidence has been put forth in media articles that the Bush administration (along with the Canadian and Mexican governments) has been pushing a North American Union, a new supranational government which would be above the national governments of the three North American governments. The refusal of the Bush administration to make meaningful attempts to enforce border security or immigration laws argues that the Bush administration is trying to weaken the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the USA, not preserve it.
A secular expression states “actions speak louder than words.” The Bible parallels this same principle in Matthew 7:20 with the words: “by their fruits you shall know them.” Given the Bush Administration’s longstanding refusal to protect or secure our national borders during a “War on Terrorism” and its refusal to stop illegal immigration, its “fruits” or “deeds” reveal the Bush administration’s true intents. The actions of Texas GOP Governor Perry to push ahead with the “Trans-Texas Corridor” in spite of objections in his legislature and among the people of Texas also reveals that current “deeds” or “fruits” indicate that the NAFTA Superhighway, a major goal of the NAU supporters, is being pushed ahead by federal and state executive branch actions with or without the consent of the legislative branches or the citizenry.
The August 27, 2007 issue of the National Weekly Edition of The Washington Times included a story (“Bush denies planning for a North American superstate,” page 3) which indicates the groundswell of rising public opposition to the NAU and its goals has motivated the Bush administration to issue a formal statement denying that it intends to implement a North American Union. President Bush’s denial of desiring to impose an NAU on the American people poked fun at the idea by saying he was “amused” and calling the idea “quite comical.” However, the same article noted that “The rumors of an EU-style plot which started out on obscure Web sites and talk radio, have since been picked up by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and [have] now gained traction among some of the House Republicans who successfully derailed Mr. Bush’s immigration-reform plan.” The article added that “A group of 21 Republican congressmen and one Democrat…sent Mr. Bush a letter earlier this month expressing ‘serious and growing concerns’ about the SPP.” The SPP is the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement made between President Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico without any consent by the US Congress. The SPP is seen by many as the public face of private efforts to impose the NAU on North American nations.
In evaluatuating President Bush’s denial, keep in mind that “words” mean nothing while “deeds” mean everything. President Bush offered no “deeds” whatsoever to indicate that his “words” were true. If he really had no intentions to support or impose an NAU, then he could have offered such deeds as (A) agreeing to enforce all federal border security and illegal immigration laws, (B) build the 700 miles of fence on the Mexican border that he agreed to do, and (C) submitting all the currently-hidden activities of the SPP to Congress for its review and approval. President Bush offered no such actions or deeds. His lack of doing so speaks volumes. It reminds me of the old saying: “Never believe anything until it is officially denied.” President Bush has now “officially denied” that he has any plans to work toward or impose an NAU on the American people. It is also noteworthy that 5% of the entire US House of representatives have signed a letter to President Bush warning him about the growing concerns in Congress re: Bush’s actions and intents re: an NAU.
Interestingly, the same issue of The Washington Times printed a column on page 35 by Frank Gaffney entitled: “Sovereignty can’t be taken for granted.” Mr. Gaffney is a respected and familiar commentator on TV news programs and is the President of the Center for Security Policy. His column reveals much about the intents of President Bush’s SPP plan. Mr. Gaffney asserts that those supporting the SPP are “resort[ing] to extraordinary means to supplant national governments” because they “prefer supranational governments like the European Union, run by wholly unaccountable bureaucrats.” He adds: “we know that there are some two dozen ‘working groups’ whittling away at our sovereignty–er, ‘harmonizing’ our rules and regulations…with those of Mexico and Canada,” and that the SPP’s working groups “operate secretively, with essentially no transparency or accountability to Congress, the media or the public.”
President Bush’s words notwithstanding, all the “deeds” and “fruits” of the Bush administration currently support a conclusion that it is working to gradually eliminate the national borders and sovereignty of the USA in favor of an NAU superstate which will administer the USA, Canada and Mexico without any regard to the US Congress or the Constitution of the USA. If President Bush is not actually pursuing such goals, let’s see some “deeds” and fruits” to support such denials. So far, there are none. It should be pointed out that President Bush took an oaths of office to “support and defend the US Constitution.” If he is supporting behind-the-scenes efforts to create a NAU which will supplant much of the US government’s sovereignty and which would make void the protections and rights of the US Constitution, then President Bush is committing an impeachable offense which is far worse than President Clinton lying about his sexual activity with a White House intern.
Ask yourself “Who benefits?” from actions to create a North American Union supergovernment which would rule over the national governments of the USA, Canada and Mexico. The answer is both obvious and easily seen. The beneficiaries would be the large, supranational corporations who would be “freed” from the environmental, labor and tax laws of the national governments. Since the NAU would not be elected by the people, it would be staffed by the designees of the multinational corporations and the NAU would be free to rule the USA, Canada and Mexico in behalf of the global corporations. The NAU could start out “free of debt” as it issued its own bonds and new currency while the governments of the USA, Mexico and Canada would be crushed under the debt loads created by their previous Presidents and leaders, payable in the currency of the new NAU of course. Then US dollar could die a quick death under these circumstances, and what authority would a national US government wield if its national currency collapsed on world markets? Such events would make virtual slaves of the entire population of North America. Revelation 18 warns that a global alliance of “the kings of the earth” (national leaders) and “the merchants of the earth” (global, multinational corporations ) will dominate the earth and oppress the people in the latter days of this age. If the NAU becomes a reality, the prophecy of Revelation 18 could quickly come to pass in a very literal and ominous manner.
Let’s all hope and pray that God does not allow the NAU to come into existence. If his people pray to be delivered from such a “captivity,” God can create obstacles for the SPP, the NAU and the NAFTA Superhighway which will prevent them from coming into existence before Jesus Christ returns. However, the NAU does not have to come into existence to fulfill Revelation 18’s prophecy. The multinational corporations and national governments already have such overlapping control of world political and economic policies that Revelation 18’s prophecy is already being literally fulfilled. Readers are referred to my article “What Kind of Captivity” (available in the Articles link at this website) which explains why the Bible refers to modern western capitalism as “Babylon the Great” and reveals much more on this subject.