I saw a readers posted comments by a (Scott) that was talking about The U.s,England,France of all having warheards both at sea and land that could Vaporize earth many times over and he ask what would keep us from useing them to pertect ourselves from a Mogog and gog attack…My question is… that both Russia and china have to know that any major attack on us would warrant a response right???is that what the Bible is talking about when it says that if are lord did not come back early that no flesh would be left alive???a third thing i wanted to run by you is I saw a program about people that worked at the area 51 site and they where interviewing a man that said that he worked there and he has proof he did…the guy said that they had weapons in there that the human mind could never believe unless they saw it…my second question is could the U.s be holding back the main play book on what we really have and don’t have…not showing all the cards…when God almighty says he will destroy 5/6ths of gogs army could it be that its a weapon that God has blessed us with?????The bible talks about missles being shot out of the sky…ect…ofcourse it says arrows ect..but we in the modern world know what it means…I would greatly appreciate your views on this thank you so much for working so hard on your site its wonderfull and many people enjoy it… as i do.may God bless you and your wife.You do a great service to the public.

Mike Rogan



Dear Mike,
Currently, you are correct that the western world’s nuclear weaponry could destroy the Gog-Magog nations so the Ezekiel 38-39 war is not likely under current conditions. However, President Obama is starting to push for the elimination of nuclear weaponry (see link below). If his naive effort ever “succeeds,” it will eliminate the western world’s deterrent and a global conventional war would become far more likely. The Gog-Magog alliance would be especially emboldened to launch such an attack because (with China’s population) they will significantly outnumber the West’s armed forces. However, there is no guarantee nuclear weapons will be eliminated. Matthew 24:21-22’s warning that no flesh would survive unless Christ returns could infer that the nuclear weapons will still exist.  It is also true that many nations may “cheat” in the event of a nuclear weapons ban and keep such weaponry hidden where no one can find them. In response to another of your questions, I’m convinced that several modern nations (the USA, Israel, Russia, China, etc.) have secret weaponry already developed and deployed which could also destroy “all flesh” even if nuclear weapons are eliminated. These could include quantum weapons delivered by invisible aerial vehicles with ultra-secret technologies. I did a series of blogs on “invisibility” technology and “cloaked” weaponry last July (I think) as some aspects of this secret technology have been reported in public sources. I’ve also blogged about the Chinese project to develop a nanotechnology bomb which would kill humans but leave physical structures intact.
The statement in Ezekiel 39:3 that many of the Gog-Magog alliance’s “arrows” and “bows” will be smitten out of their hands indicates that many of their missiles and launching systems will not work right. This could be due to high-tech defensive systems now deployed (but kept secret), or it could be due to Divine action because Ezekiel 39:3 occurs after  Divine intervention occurs in Ezekiel 38:20 (when a global earthquake occurs and God’s “presence” arrives on the earth).  God tells the Israelite nations to use their weaponry against the Gog-Magog attack (Ezekiel 38:21), so it is also possible God will simply allow the Israelite nations to defend themselves with some of their own weaponry as well.
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