A Jewish media source has broken the story that an intact ancient column with a capital was accidentally found in an underground area in the southern Jerusalem region. The story indicates that this column may date to the reigns of Kings David and Solomon, but that it is in danger of being destroyed if it is placed in the area designated for control by the Palestinian Authority (PA).
This link cites a strange reluctance by Israeli Antiquities officials to investigate this remarkable find, and that Israeli officials knew about this find over a year and a half ago but tried to hush it up. However, the final portion of the article indicates that the Israeli Antiquities Authority will be excavating the site after all. They better hurry. As the article notes, if this remarkable column does date to the time of King David and Solomon, it is likely to be destroyed by PA officials if they get control of this site as the Palestinians would prefer not to have such a finding affirmed.
I think readers will find this article well worth reading, and I thank the reader who brought this to my attention.