As all readers know, a wide variety of new types of futuristic weaponry is being developed not only by the USA, but by other nations as well. I’m sure all of us have seen links describing new types of laser weaponry, but this link below had an interesting detail that I have never seen previously mentioned. This link describes a variety of laser weaponry that will be deployed by the US Army, Navy and Air Force in a few years hence. Most programs are under development and not far from prototype testing, but the US Navy already has an operational laser weapon fitted on one active-duty naval ship.

What I really want to focus in on is a detail that is barely mentioned in a video clip that is included within this link. Partway through the clip is a brief mention that the Air Force’s laser programs include one which would provide a “360 degree laser shield” vs. opposing warplanes. All Star-Trek fans likely caught the word that captured my attention: shield. To date all I’ve ever seen is a discussion of offensive laser and directed-energy weaponry; however, this link indicates that the use of lasers or some kind of energy-generation application is being developed for defensive use on warplanes. I’m sure many Star-Trek fans recall many situations in which Star Trek captains gave the order, “shields,” to deploy their spacecraft’s defensive energy-generated defensive systems. This indicates that the US military is working on some type of futuristic development of some kind of energy-generated or laser-powered “shields.”

A recent post discussed NASA’s new type of planned propulsion system which would make a trip to Mars a 3-day journey and which could accelerate a craft of some kind to 30% of the speed of light within a mere ten minutes (its theoretical top speed was not mentioned as I’m sure that is “classified”). We developed flip-phone communicators years ago (early cell phones) like Captain Kirk and his crew used to have in the first Star-Trek series and movies. 3-D printers are a beginning step toward developing “replicator” technology. Now we learn that the USAF is developing some type of energy-based “shields” to place around its warplanes. We really are in a stage in mankind’s history where technological advances are coming speedily as the knowledge available to mankind rapidly increases. I admit that I was/am a Star-Trek fan so this mention of defensive “shields” caught my attention and I thought many readers would find it interesting as well.

These developments fulfill biblical prophecies which long-time readers of this blog have seen me discuss many times. Daniel 12:1-4, which I recently cited in another post, prophesied that at the “time of the end” [of our present human age] mankind would experience a giant leap forward in its fund of knowledge. This prophecy about a “knowledge explosion” at the end of our age (also called the “latter days” in many Bible prophecies) is being fulfilled ever-more expansively as new technologies are developed. Genesis 1:26 relates that mankind was made in the very image and likeness of the Creator God. That being the case, mankind wants to “create” new things with the tools and resources available to it in the physical Universe. Genesis 11:6 states that mankind, soon after the Deluge, had already reached a stage of technological development that God concluded: “nothing will be restrained from them that they have imagined to do.” It was not God’s will that mankind develop a high-tech civilization at that time so God cut everyone off from the pre-Flood language that contained all the pre-Flood technological knowledge and gave each nation a new phonetic language (but no written language). This made them all illiterate, and each nation had to gradually and slowly develop its own new writing system over the centuries and millennia. However, as Matthew 24:37 indicates, it is God’s will in our modern “latter day” period of time that mankind re-develop the high-tech civilization that the pre-Flood world once had. This means that we can expect more surprising technological leaps in future years. Who knows how far God will allow this to progress before it is again stopped with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? We’ll see.

Those readers who would like some convincing that we are actually living in the biblically-prophesied “latter days” will see much evidence documenting that conclusion in my article: Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?