The incoming UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has issued some arrogant demands to EU nations that indicate his cluelessness is truly remarkable. Normally, UN leaders use the language of diplomacy. Not Guterres! His condescending, dictatorial attitude toward EU nations indicates he is a blind tool of the global elitists who have just been roundly rejected in the UK’s Brexit vote and the USA’s presidential election.

The first link makes for some truly incredible reading. Never in my lifetime have I read remarks attributed to a UN leader which sound so autocratic and out of touch with reality. The second link is brief, but offers confirmation to the information in the first link. Their information state that UN Secretary-General Guterres, in a speech in Europe, told European politicians that they should “ignore the voters” and implement his demand that EU nations “must” be forced to take in waves of even-greater numbers of immigrants than are already in Europe. I doubt he used the word “Islamic,” but what he meant was that EU nations must accept even greater numbers of Islamic migrants into Europe. Guterres had the temerity to dismiss the national sovereignty of EU nations, and stated that EU nations “must be forced” to accept their shares of the waves of Islamic immigrants coming into Europe. Hmm. I wonder what he meant by “forcing” European nations to meekly accept the throngs of Islamic immigrants that the UN demands they take. Guterres also imperiously told the European nations “that they have no right to control their borders” according to the first link.

My first reaction to this report was that it was so outlandish that it could be fake news, but it has been reported by many large and reputable websites (see third link).

Guterres must be clueless about recent world trends among those “voters” he told Europe’s politicians to ignore. It is the practice of ignoring the voters that got the Brexit vote passed in Europe, Donald Trump elected in the USA, and has an anti-EU candidate leading the polls in the upcoming Dutch national elections and an anti-EU candidate almost certain to be one of the finalists in the second round of the upcoming French national elections. The news that the new head of the UN has told Europe’s politicians to ignore the voters’ wishes can only further inflame the voters (for whom Guterres has obvious disdain or even contempt) into voting in even greater numbers of anti-EU and anti-Islamic immigrant candidates. Guterres must have a vastly oversized view of his powers as the UN leader.  Did someone make him a world dictator who can order national politicians what to do? I’d like to make a comparison. In the late 18th century, there were two national leaders in Europe who also heeded their counselors advise to “ignore the masses.” They were the French King Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie Antoinette. They ignored the masses and assumed the power of the elites and aristocracy would never end. How well did that work out for them? Not well at all. They were both beheaded in guillotines as their rule was violently overthrown. Thankfully, the modern masses of European nations can remove their leaders in peaceful elections, and do not need to resort to violent overthrows of unresponsive governments as occurred in the French Revolution. Will the UN’s Guterres next advise the European politicians to say of the increasingly angry voters of European nations: “let them eat cake?”

The UN leader is also incredibly self-damaging in another regard. The USA’s incoming President Donald Trump is already on the warpath vs. the UN due to its recent anti-Israeli vote in the UN Security Council, and he is considering major cutbacks in the US contribution toward the UN’s budget. In this approach, Trump reportedly has the support of many Democrats in Congress as well as Republicans. Guterres’ elitist arrogance displayed in his comments to Europe’s politicians can only inflame even further the likelihood that the USA will take punitive action vs. the UN, and make an enemy of a soon-to-be President Trump. In any face-off between Trump and Guterres, I’ll bet on Trump any day. Since Trump is already getting ready to secure the US border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration (fourth link), Guterres’ haughty assertion that nations have no right to protect their borders and stop illegal immigrants is likely to really make President Trump an enemy of the UN.

Guterres’ breathtaking arrogance toward the common people–who have the collective power to vote out of office any establishment politicians they get mad at could hasten the fulfillment of the Bible’s prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the very corrupt, globalist, insider elites of the latter days–whether they be in the private or public sector (Revelation 18:3)–will be overthrown in the latter days of our current age just before the new “beast” power of Revelation is installed in their place.Revelation 17:9-16 predict this overthrow will be a very hard fall, indeed. Guterres’ comments can only inflame more voters all over Europe to kick the globalist elites out of office, which would be a another step in the direction of fulfilling this prophecy.

Guterres’ comments received almost no comment in the establishment American press. I can see why. His comments will only inflame the anger of the American public even more against the UN and the establishment elites–who will be resisting the agenda of incoming President Donald trump. Since the establishment American media is a part of the insider elites who back the globalist entities like the UN. the EU, etc., they’d prefer that Guterres’ virulently anti-voter comments not see the light of day. However, readers of this blog now know about it.

My thanks to a reader who tipped me off to this story.