May 14, 2009
Steve Collins

Various latter-day prophecies warn that there will be extremely powerful and pervasive deceptions in the latter days before Jesus Christ/Yashua returns. Jesus himself warned in Matthew 24:11 and 23-27 that the latter days would include such powerful deceptions that “if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” I don’t think Christians take these warnings seriously enough. II Thessalonians 2:1-11 is a prophecy about the deceptions and powers of a Wicked One who will come on the world scene prior to the return of Jesus Christ. This Wicked One is also called the Son of Perdition, and his deceptive powers will cause many to “fall away”‘ from biblical truths. This Wicked One (called the Antichrist in the book of Revelation) will “exalt himself above all that is called God” so we should expect this person to declare that he is somehow above all the religions now on earth. He will even “sit in the Temple of God showing himself that he is God.”

Obviously, this person would come across as simply a deranged megalomaniac unless he can actually do marvels which convince the masses that he is God in the flesh. II Thessalonians 2:9 foretells that this Wicked One will have his own “coming” (Greek: “parousia”) just prior to the “coming” (Greek: “parousia”) of Jesus Christ, and that the Wicked One’s coming will be “after the working of Satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders” (emphasis added). This language indicates that while some of the deeds done by this Wicked One will be literal miracles energized by Satanic forces (just as the Egyptian priests Jannes and Jambres did some miracles by Satan’s powers in the time of Moses and Aaron, II Timothy 3:8), others will be “lying wonders.” In other words, they will be faked with high-tech knowledge that the masses will interpret as being miracles.

We now know about some of the secret high-tech developments now being brought into existence which could literally fulfill the prophecy about “lying wonders” which will dupe and deceive the masses. In August, 2008, I posted two blogs at this site about the tremendous advances in invisibility technology which can render objects or people invisible to others (see the second and third links below). Star Trek fans will remember the “cloaking” technology of the Klingon warbirds in Star Trek episodes. One of my earlier blogs documented that the British military demonstrated some time ago that they could “cloak” a tank with invisibility technology so this technology is already well into the application stage. One of my earlier blogs discusses how invisibility technology could be used to “fake the “coming” of Jesus Christ. This fits well with the prophecy in II Thessalonians 2:8-9 that the Wicked One will stage his “coming” prior to the genuine “coming” of Christ. A new article in the recent article in the April, 2009 issue of Discover magazine hints at more kinds of “lying wonders” which could be passed off as miracles to the masses even though they would actually be high-tech engineering tricks. This article can be read in the first link below, and it describes the rapid development of invisibility technology over the last decade when it began as a DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research projects Agency) project to exert “control over matter in seemingly magical ways.”

Invisibility technology redirects light so that it is refracted around an object in such a way that the object is not visible to other observers. The article reports that invisibility technology requires “21 alternating sheets of silver and a glasslike substance…dubbed fishnet” or via a second application in which “silver nanowires [are] embedded in a solid base.” Clearly, in either technology, the critical element that makes invisibility technology possible is silver. How this is done is far beyond my level of knowledge, but there is no question that this type of technology is progressing rapidly.

However, the Discover article indicates that all kinds of “magical” applications are being developed in manipulating acoustic waves as well as light waves. The article leaves the impression that this technology is in its infancy, but the report that the British already “cloaked” a military tank last year indicates that this technology has advanced far beyond what is admitted in the Discover article. The article also reveals that the same principles that allow invisibility technology to exist “could be extended to control water waves.” Let’s consider how the Wicked One could deceive the world’s masses in the future by using engineering tricks (“lying wonders”) to simulate “miracles.”

Phony miracles could be simulated by the scientific manipulation of light, acoustic or water waves so “lying wonders” could involve things seen, heard or visible in the actions of water. Some possible false miracles are detailed in my earlier blogs. One could simulate the return of Jesus Christ by making a figure “appear” out of nowhere when, in fact, the person merely stepped out of an invisibility cloak of some kind. When humans can be “cloaked,” they could be passed off as “angels” giving messages to incredulous people who don’t realize the messengers are merely humans using a high-tech trick. Matthew 24:26 warns of “false Christs” appearing in the desert or in secret chambers (where high-tech devices could simulate “miracles” in controlled environments and where they could be seen by the masses on TV or live webcams). Why would Jesus give us this specific warning unless he knew this kind of deception would literally occur?

If acoustic waves can be manipulated as well, high-tech trickery could perhaps make “voices” to be projected or redirected in such a manner that incredulous listeners would think they were “voices from heaven.” The Discover article states that wave-manipulation technologies “could be extended to control water waves.” Think about the possibilities here. The Wicked One (antichrist) could be in league with high-tech engineers who would cause water waves to grow large or to be calmed at the “command” of the Wicked One (faking the real miracle done by Jesus Christ in Mark 4:35-41). There may even be a possibility of creating “lying wonders” on a global scale. A 1977 book, Secrets of the Lost Races, by Rene Noorbergen opines that ancient mankind had very-sophisticated technologies (a view I agree with–see my speech entitled “As It Was in the Days of Noah” at this website). Noorbergen examines the possibility that the pre-Flood or post-Flood civilizations prior to Babel harnessed the electromagnetic forces of the earth to accomplish what we would regard as unbelievable achievements. He postulates that mankind used the electromagnetic ley-lines which surround the earth to avail themselves of “free”‘ energy in such applications as communications, transportation, etc. (pages 112-119). Since we now know that mankind is learning to magically manipulate visual, acoustic and water waves, why not try manipulating the electromagnetic forces of the earth as well?  All these technologies not only can be used to simulate “miracles” but also would have many military applications as well. It would be a tremendous military advantage if one could make one’s own forces and weaponry invisible or if one could control water waves to sink opposing ships or swamp an army trying to cross a river.

I’ll close by leaving you with some marvelous food for thought. Erich von Daniken’s book, In Search of Ancient Gods, cites an ancient Indian Sanskrit manuscript which, when translated by the International Academy of Sanskrit Research at Myasore, India, revealed astounding things about very ancient civilizations (p. 178 and plate 260). It describes ancient “aeroplanes with their alloys and weapons” with details about “the secret of making planes motionless” (think helicopters or VSTOL aircraft), “the secret of making planes invisible” (an obvious military application of modern invisibility technology), “the secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach” (think radar), etc. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:37 that “as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Jesus’ prophesied that the latter-days during which he would return would reinvent the ancient technologies that the pre-Flood world had developed and implemented. The ancient Indian Sanskrit document mentions technologies already known to us plus a new one (invisibility) which is now being developed in the modern world. Jesus’ prophecy is coming to pass. If you think this sounds too fantastic to be true, click on the fourth link below and see the actual photos of how the ancient Egyptians depicted the ancient flying machines that are written about in the ancient Sanskrit documents. These photos of ancient aerial machines look a lot like ours today or those depicted in science fiction movies and cannot be dismissed as they have been present in ancient Egyptian contexts for millennia before being seen for what they really are: evidence that ancient mankind had very advanced high-tech knowledge. I cannot vouch for all the inforamtion in this link, but do want to show you the photos of the ancient flying machines which the masses have never seen in any history or science textbook.
This is the kind of knowledge that caused the pre-Flood world to be destroyed by God, and which motivated God to confuse the languages at Babel in order to stop it from being redeveloped right after the Flood. The redevelopment of these ancient technologies will signal that the latter days have arrived and that God’s intervention is again imminent. We are clearly in the latter days of our age.

I’ll bet we, the masses, have no idea what is being developed (or what has already been deployed) in the weaponry and high-tech gadgetry that will be placed at the deceptive disposal of the Beast and Antichrist when they appear on the world scene. Those not firmly-grounded in biblical prophecies will be quickly duped into thinking that the beast and antichrist are performing “miracles” and that must “be from God.” However, God will also become very, very active during the final portion of the latter-days of this age. Revelation 11 prophesies that he will empower two prophets (called the Two Witnesses) who will perform many real miracles and that their powers will plague an unrepentant world during their 3 and 1/2 year ministry. Their ministry is examined in detail in my article “The Two Witnesses” available at the articles link at this website.

Biblical prophecy makes it clear that both Godly and Satanic powers will be openly displayed to a stunned world at the end of this age. Most will be deceived. Will you be deceived? It is now evident how “lying wonders” could be performed in the future. Warn other Believers so they can be prepared as well for the real and “lying” wonders which the Bible warns will deceive almost the entire world. Please send this link to other Believers. The time is coming when this information will not be available…anywhere. We do not know how long we will have the right of “free speech” on the internet.