Dear Steve,

Yes, we have been to Mystery Mountain a couple times, it’s only 15 miles
away.  We’ve blown the shofar on the mountain and pondered the people that
came to make their mark.  There are many Israeli-Jewish descendants here in
New Mexico.  Do you live in Israel?  I listened to your interview on Arutz
Sheva, very interesting, way too short.  We went to Israel in 2006 and lived
there for 6 months.  We follow the Torah and worship on the 7 day Sabbath
and believe in Yeshua. There is a Torah teaching TV/Satellite network in
Odessa, TX, Gods Learning Channel.  They have a couple good teachers, Brad
Scott and Rico Cortes. You would fit in very well on their network.  People
are yearning for these teachings.

Thank you for your reply.  Am looking forward to getting one of your books




Dear Debbie,
Thanks for your follow-up comments. I’m delighted that you have been to the Los Lunas inscription site. I met Brad Scott at a Conference in Oregon in 2007, but I have not met Rico Cortes. I’ve been invited to give a teaching series about the tribes of Israel at, and the messages will be available on both a radio network and the internet if I understand correctly. You could watch that website (and also mine) for announcements about the commencement of that series.
I do not live in Israel; I live in the state of South Dakota in the USA.