May 20, 2009
Steve Collins
My thanks to reader “Ken” for sending me this link. As far as I know, the establishment media has totally ignored this new report that acknowledges that there is no evidence that homosexuality is caused by a hereditary factor. The link below cites new language by the American Psychological Association (APA) that back off on previous claims or reports that there was a scientific basis for asserting that homosexuality has a genetic causation. The new statement by the APA reverses a previous statement made by the APA in 1998 that indicated otherwise.
This is a blow to the gay rights movement as the APA now offers no support to the claims of gay rights advocates that they are “born that way.” The link speaks for itself and I’ve enclosed it below for readers to consider. As more American states adopt and consider gay rights “marriage” or “civil union” measures, this report undermines the logic for considering any such legislative actions. No wonder the liberal media ignore this story.
The Bible is clear in its teachings. The Old Testament labels homosexuality a sin (Leviticus 18:22). The New Testament agrees as Romans 1:26-28 state that homosexuality/lesbianism is a sin. Isaiah 1-4 is a prophecy about the sins of the house of Israel (the ten tribes) and of Judah in the latter days (called “the Day of the Lord” in 2:12 or “in that day” in various other texts. Isaiah 2:2 states these prophetic chapters apply to the “last days.” Isaiah 1:10 refers to the latter-day Israelites as “your rulers of Sodom…you people of Gomorrah.” This indicates that national political leaders and the public alike are indicted in God’s eyes because of their sexual sins in the latter days. Isaiah 3:9 prophesies that there will be a very open “gay rights” movement in the latter days as homosexuals come out of the closet (to use modern language). This verse states: “…they proclaim their sins like Sodom, they do not hide it” (RSV). The Complete Jewish Bible translates it: “…They parade their sin, like S’dom; they don’t even try to hide it.” This is a particularly modern application of this prophecy, given the gay rights “parades” on gay pride day activities. If Nostradamus had written a cryptic prophecy about a gay rights movement in the end times, it would be proclaimed on various cable-TV documentaries that try to make some sense of Nostradamus’ writings. However, the Bible is “spot on” in its prophecies about our modern time, and it is ignored.
The link below argues that homosexuals can change their sexual orientation. I Corinthians 6:9-11 agrees as Paul lists homosexuality as one of the former sins that members of the congregation of believers in the Corinthian Church had repented of ceased practicing.