In what is a developing story at this moment, a lawyer hired (and later fired) by the US Federal Reserve Board secretly recorded 46 hours (!) of insider conversations among officials at the US Federal Reserve Board which are reported to reveal a very cozy and corrupt relationship between the US Federal Reserve Board and the mega-bank, Goldman Sachs. This scandal is just beginning to unfold, and we will have to wait to see if heads really do roll over the secretly taped revelations.

The first link and second link describe the information about the story as it was about to break. The third link and fourth link are from the main media as this scandal is now being reported to the American public…just before a major election I might add. The third link was from the September 29, 2014 USA Today, which includes a quote from Senator Elizabeth Warren that the lack of accountability at the Big Banks “…threatens our whole economy.” I share her opinion.

The fourth link details what it describes as a “severe conflict of interest between the NY Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs.” It is well worth your reading! I must admit that I’m not the least bit surprised by this new revelation about cozy corruption between the US Fed and Goldman Sachs. I have written about this relationship in posts over the years, and Rolling Stone magazine has been doing in-depth exposes about this relationship for years. Indeed, they have covered this story in such depth that the last link offers readers a menu of their articles and research reports into the cozy Fed-Goldman Sachs relationship. Readers can click on the links at that last link and read as many as they want about what has been known for the last four years or so about this cozy relationship.

What is noteworthy about the latest revelation is that is involves 46 hours (!) of conversations documenting the cozy Fed-Goldman Sachs relationship which were recorded by an attorney working in an insider position at the Fed. The tapes will have the words actually spoken by Fed officials. The revelations ought to give more impetus to Congressional efforts to pass a bill which will do an in-depth audit of the Federal Reserve Board’s activities.

Revelation 17-18, as I’ve noted many times in previous posts, prophesy that the global monetary/financial system in the latter days will come crashing down at some point, to be replaced by the final “beast” system which will hold sway for a mere 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5) before being obliterated by Jesus Christ’s return (Revelation 19:11-20:4). There are lots of huge stresses building up in the global financial/monetary system and we do not know what “trigger” will be the event or revelation which precipitates the collapse of Babylon the Great’s current system. It is worth noting that Revelation 18:2-3 prophesy that the latter-day Babylon the Great system will feature an intensely-corrupt and cozy, interlocking system of mutual aggrandizement between the “kings of the earth” (the political leaders and their agencies) and the “merchants of the earth” (an amazingly-accurate prophetic description of today’s multinational and international mega-corporations which do business all over the earth). The Rolling Stone’s series of articles about the cozy relationship between the US Fed and Goldman Sachs and the just-beginning scandal about the 46 hours of secretly-taped conversations inside the Fed’s offices fit the description contained in Revelation 18:2-3 quite well, I believe.

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