I urge all readers to watch this videoclip from a TV station in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is an investigative report which exposes how easy it is to steal your identity via your credit and debit cards if they are equipped with an RFID chip (the report adds about 1/3rd of all credit cards now have this RFID chip). Even though the report shows that credit card issuers say the RFID technology on credit/debit cards is secure, this investigative report shows that is not true. Indeed, the report will show you how amazingly easy it is for a dishonest person to steal your identity if you have these kinds of cards. Such RFID chips can also be on passports, student IDs, etc.
You need to know this information to realize how increasingly vulnerable you are to identity theft. This report also reveals ways to make an RFID credit/debit card secure with a special “sleeve” or even via the use of cheap aluminum foil wrap. After watching this video clip, you can easily check your credit and debit cards to see if they have this vulnerable technology. According to this report, it is still possible to request that one’s renewal credit or debit card be one without this RFID technology. To protect yourself from identity theft, this would seem to be an excellent recommendation!
Revelation 13:16-18 warns us that an eventual new global currency will be issued which will feature some kind of “mark” without which one cannot buy or sell products and services. It isn’t difficult to make a case that this eventual prophesied global currency could feature the use of some kind of mandated universal debit card with RFID technology on it.