This post is a result of someone sending me a very interesting link to a new documentary about the JFK assassination recently released on the Paramount Plus streaming service. There were many aspects of the official explanation right from the beginning which made the general public very skeptical of the official line that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. The first link documents that a poll shows a strong majority of Americans have consistently believed the Warren Commission’s report was not accurate.

Allow me to share my recollection of that fateful day in November 1963 when Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas during a motorcade. I was 13 years old and in a small rural school. The teacher, who taught grades 5-8, answered a phone call in the hallway and told us “The president has been shot.” Regular class sessions were cancelled and we all sat and listened to a radio broadcast covering the event. Many cried when JFK was declared to be dead. Right away, the official line was doubted by many. That was back in the day when the major media outlets still had some honest journalists, and tough questions were being asked. One network aired a TV report that had a weapons expert try to fire three shots from the same type of rifle Oswald supposedly used, and the expert could not fire three shots in the time stated in the official report. Another examination reported there was a large tree obscuring the view of the motorcade from the window Oswald supposedly shot from and that would have made it even more impossible for Oswald to have been a lone gunman in the event. Oswald was quickly killed by Jack Ruby so Oswald’s side of the story was never allowed to be told. Many questioned how Ruby could have smuggled a gun past a host of law enforcement agencies to get right next to Oswald to kill him.

The Warren Commission wrote a thick tome giving the official government line about what happened. One major reason the Warren Commission report was not taken seriously by many is that it failed to address two major pieces of evidence to the contrary. The Warren Commission apologists had not counted on the Zapruder Film, which gave a frame-by-frame visual recording of the event in real time. That film clearly showed Kennedy’s head being snapped¬†backward¬†violently when the kill shot hit him. Anyone who knows anything about guns and ballistics knows that is clear evidence the kill shot came from the front. There is even a macabre record of Kennedy’s wife climbing onto the top of the trunk to retrieve part of JFK’s skull which was blown off the back of his head. There was also eye-witness testimony that a shooter was seen ahead of the motorcade and that he fired from a “grassy knoll” in front of JFK’s car. Those witnesses and the Zapruder film’s key record (which were mutually supportive) were quickly ignored or marginalized. The Warren Commission also came up with an outlandish “explanation” about a “magic bullet” that was found in JFK’s car that was in pristine, undamaged condition even after supposedly traveling through human flesh and JFK’s skull. Any such bullet should have been badly deformed or fragmented.

After being shot, JFK was driven to a trauma unit of a local hospital, but nothing could save him. The ER doctors who initially examined JFK’s body wrote the entry wound was in the front of his neck and the gaping exit wound was in the back of his head. The doctors at that hospital the day JFK’s body was brought into their ER have now released their combined testimony about that fateful day. They state that they were pressured and threatened to deny the truth or keep quiet about what they had initially reported. The second link and third link are media reports about their recent revelations, and the fourth link is the official trailer about their testimony in the recently-released documentary. The fifth link is an acknowledgment from a Secret Service guard that was there at the time of JFK’s assassination, and he explains how the “magic bullet” really came to be present at the scene of the crime.

Allow me to share a personal memory of the aftermath of the assassination. My parents were both chiropractors who had met and married at the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. They did numerous human cadaver dissections and, in 1940s Chicago, there was no shortage of unclaimed cadavers to dissect. I developed a strong stomach as they would discuss memories of various dissections at our dinner table. Cadavers who had died due to gunshot wounds were common. The fact I want to stress is that my parents were very familiar with seeing the results of gunshot wounds on human bodies and knew easily how to differentiate between entry and exit wounds. They told me as soon as the Zapruder film evidence came out that JFK was clearly killed by a gunshot which was fired from a position ahead of him, not behind him.

After the assassination and the release of the Warren Commission report, many theories were promulgated about who “really” executed him. Some theories blamed the Russians, the Cubans or the Mafia. There were many theories that a conspiracy inside the government killed JFK, and some of the motives I heard for such a conspiracy was that JFK was going to restructure the nation’s money system and alter the role of the Federal Reserve Board or that he was going to call for nuclear disarmament and start disarming the USA of its nukes as a sign of “good will” for the Russians to do the same.

The full truth regarding why JFK was killed and who all was involved in the conspiracy to kill him is not yet known. However, a time is coming when every detail about the planning and execution of that assassination will be known. In Matthew 10:26-27, Jesus Christ told his disciples that a future time is coming when “there will be nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” Verses 26-27 proclaim that someday everything spoken or done will be revealed and shouted from the housetops. That future time is the Day of Judgment, when the Creator will judge everyone’s life and what they did and said. It will be extremely embarrassing for many who were in positions of power when the full truth of what they did and why they did it is publicly proclaimed to everyone. No one can hide when Judgment Day comes. Many in positions of power think they died having covered up their dark deeds. They were wrong. Everything has been “recorded.” Visualize that everyone who has ever lived has had an angel following them recording the video and audio records of everything they did and said in their lives. That is surely an oversimplification, but it is an understandable imagery that our human minds can comprehend.

Someday, the total truth about the JFK assassination will be revealed to everyone. Given the rate at which biblically-prophesied events are being fulfilled, that day can’t be that far away.