In a very appropriate follow-up to my previous post which pointed out the flaws in the so-called “nuclear agreement” with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned that this “agreement” will only delay Iran’s nuclear weapons program about six weeks. Netanyahu noted the same thing that I mentioned in my previous post: that Iran has still not renounced its declared national intention to “wipe Israel off the map.” Israel’s security needs were completely ignored by the USA and western powers that made this “agreement” with Iran.

Netanyahu stated bluntly: “We will not let Iran develop the capability to build nuclear weapons” (first link). Note he said Israel will not allow Iran to develop the “capability” to build nuclear weapons. That means Israeli military action could come much earlier than the actual construction or deployment of any Iranian nuclear weapon.

As evidence that Israel is closely watching its enemies and the deployment of their weapons systems, the second link reports that Israeli warplanes conducted a secret raid on Syrian soil to destroy “Russian-made missile launchers deployed by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad.” These were almost certainly missile launchers which could fire the largest missiles provided by Iran to Hezbollah, both of which are allies of Assad. As previous posts have noted, there has been a series of Israeli warplane raids to destroy weapons systems in Syria or Lebanon that could be used against Israeli targets. This raid is a sign that Israeli warnings about a possible strike against Iran are not bluffs. Given the many reports that Saudi, Jordanian and other Arab Sunni nations are deeply worried by the Iranian nuclear program, it is highly likely that if Israel strikes Iran, it will not be without the assistance of other nations in the region. Evidence supporting this viewpoint is found in the third link which has a very insightful piece about the statements of a Saudi royal prince about the Iranian nuclear program, the weakness of the Obama administration in dealing with Iran and his view that the Sunni Moslem nations would welcome any Israeli strike against Shiite Iran–no matter what they said publicly.

I think it is evident that the weak “agreement” that Obama and other western heads made with Iran has made war more, not less likely, in the Mideast. In a final observation, who would have thought a decade ago that the biggest friend Iran would have against additional US economic sanctions against Iran would be the president of the United States (last link). In spite of Iran’s numerous labelings of the USA as “the Great Satan,” President Obama has taken a pro-Iranian position against any further Congressional sanctions against Iran to halt their nuclear weapons program. As the link notes, many Democrats do not support Obama’s foreign policy on Iran and there may be enough votes in Congress to override any Congressional veto of such sanctions.

What if an Israeli-Iranian war comes in the Mideast? Given God’s latter-day prophecy in Genesis 49:8-10 that Judah (the Israelis) will be a small and young nation but victorious against its enemies, I’d bet on an Israeli victory.