June 10, 2009
Steve Collins
An alert reader sent the first link below with what I thought was a valid warning about where the new scientific field of nano-technology may be headed. The link below describes how “nano-probes” are being developed for use inside human bodies. This story describes how nano-probes could be used in a beneficial manner: determining how to kill staph infections which are resistant to vancomycin, sometimes called the “antibiotic of last resort” when infections are resistant to all other antibiotics. If this effort proves to be successful, the health-care benefits would be obvious. Given that nanotechnology is already being developed for uses inside the human body, one wonders how many other areas of research are occurring in laboratories around the world to develop the ultimate “weapon of mass destruction” (WMD) via nanotechnology. Not all nanotechnology efforts are benign. Some efforts could develop “doomsday” weaponry.
Previous blogs at this website have discussed evidence that the Chinese military is utilizing nanotechnology research to develop a new WMD which would eliminate human populations in a targeted area. This would be an ultimate weapon as it would not harm the buildings, assets or properties of a targeted population but it would annihilate the people who had previously lived in the targeted zone. The military advantages of such a weapon would be extraordinary. It would allow attackers to seize all assets of a targeted nation by simply moving into the attacked region after allowing for their nanotechnology weaponry to self-destruct or deteriorate where it would no longer harm the occupiers. Such a weapon would be a vastly more effective weapon than nuclear weapons that could render an entire attacked region useless to the conquerors. Just the threat of such a weapon could induce nations to surrender to any nation having such  a “nanotechnology bomb.” The weapon could be demonstrated on a single city in a targeted area to prove its effectives and motive the surrender of an entire nation. Rather than repeat the content of my previous blogs on this subject, I’ve reproduced two of the links below (from 2008 and 2007). In an effort to locate new material on this subject, I “googled” Chinese nanotechnology weapons and was surprised to see these two very blogs of mine were the first and second options offered in my Google search. It is heartening to know others are reading these blogs!
The fourth link below has a recent story which I found via my websearch. It reports that China is on the cutting edge of nanotechnology research and that its military is actively pursuing the development of nanotechnology weaponry. One wonders if there could be several delivery methods whereby lethal (and invisible) nanotechnology weaponry could be used to attack a target population. A missile carrying lethal nano-bots could airburst in the atmosphere over a targeted region and have the nano-weapons inhaled into the lungs of intended victims. Perhaps they could be added surreptitiously into the water supply of a targeted city. Perhaps they could be introduced into the atmosphere over a targeted population via airplane contrails or chemtrails? One wonders if the nano-weapons could be refined to selectively kill certain races or types of humans while leaving others unharmed. For example, could nano-weapons be designed to kill only males while leaving a nation’s females to live to serve the conquerors? Could nano-weapons be used simply to disable a targeted population or attack certain parts of their bodies?  Don’t think these weapons are “impossible” to develop. The more that is known about the human genome, the easier it becomes to design nano-weaponry to attack certain parts of that human genome.
If I, a mere commoner, can think of these applications, you can be sure that weapons research labs have already asked all these questions (and many more). We are entering a brave new world where exotic nano-weapons are being developed which could be used to wipe out entire populations or compel nations to surrender to rival nations possessing lethal nano-weaponry. Obviously, other nations will try to match the Chinese nanotechnology weapons and nations will try to develop countermeasures and antidotes to such nano-weaponry (which could also be distributed into a population via the same methods mentioned above to prevent public panic). Lest you have any doubt on this subject, the last link reports that the Israelis openly acknowledged that they intended to “develop a nanotechnology arsenal” in a five-year program. That last link is dated November 17, 2006. The Israelis are now half-way through their self-assigned timetable for a “nanotechnology arsenal.” This alone could be an inducement for the Sunni Arabs to make an accommodation or alliance with the Israelis to make common cause against the Shiite Iranians who threaten them both. If the Chinese and Israelis are openly working on nanotechnology weapons, you can be sure Russia, China, the USA, India and other high-tech powers are doing so as well.
Genesis 11:6 records that soon after the Deluge, mankind had reached a scientific “tipping point” where God saw that mankind was about to implement all it could “imagine” to do. The post-Flood civilization was simply rebuilding the very high-tech, pre-Flood civilization that was readily remembered. Matthew 24:37 prophesies that the latter days of our age would mirror the high-tech civilization of that pre-Flood world (listen to my audiotape on this subject at the speeches link of this website if you wish to learn more about the pre-Flood world) . God intervened at Babel by confusing the languages of all human nations to bring to a screeching halt to the re-development of the pre-Flood civilization which had become so evil the Creator had “terminated” it (Genesis 6).  Mankind was originally made in the image of God Himself (Genesis 1:26). Mankind is now like mischievous children learning how to take apart, change and manipulate the very creation which God put together. God is going to allow it for awhile longer. When God decides to act, he will intervene again on a global scale to stop mankind’s self-destructive efforts from eliminating mankind itself (Matthew 21-22). Revelation 9:4-6 prophesies of a mysterious weapon which will be used in the latter-day wars of this age. This weapon disables humans while leaving flora unharmed. Ezekiel 38:11-13 prophesies that Russia, China and their allies will launch an attack against the latter-day nations of the ten tribes of “Israel” which is intended to leave the assets and properties of the attacked nations unharmed for seizure by the Gog-Magog alliance of nations. Will nanotechnology weapons fulfill these prophecies?
Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times would come in the latter days.” I wonder if Paul had any idea how right his prophecy would prove to be?