On occasion, I write a post which passes on to readers information about a variety of new military weapons developments from around the globe. The Bible prophesies about major wars erupting on the planet in the latter days on earth before Jesus Christ returns (Daniel 11:40-45, Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 14, Matthew 24:6, Revelation 16:12-21, etc.), so developments involving the weaponry of the major nations is not an academic exercise. Bible prophecy indicates these newly developed weapons will be used, so it behooves us to be aware of what is happening in global military research and weaponry deployment.

The first three links [1, 2, 3] address a cutting-edge, new development in military weaponry and tactics. Global militaries are developing  unmanned/drone weaponry which will attack targets using a “swarm” approach in which the weapons are essentially programmed to attack as a unit and adapt to enemy defenses without any human input. This new method of weaponry minimizes the need to risk casualties from engaging one’s own manned forces, and has the benefit of attacking with a programmed-but autonomous mass of unmanned objects attacking in a “swarm” pattern which a defender’s weapons systems were not designed to counter. This poses one more potential risk to US aircraft carrier groups. What if Russian/Chinese subs or aircraft deploy pods containing hundreds or thousands of attack drones which would be released from the host pod at a specified distance from a carrier battle group? The masses of attack drones would disperse into “swarm” attack patterns which normal missiles, bombs, torpedoes, etc. would not utilize. Could the US Navy’s Aegis carrier-defense systems adapt to such an attack?

The fourth link reports on the Russian investment in new, more-advanced submarines while the US Navy may not be able to fund an upgrade of its Ohio-class submarines due to budgetary constraints. The fifth link reports that China has sent one of its new nuclear attack submarines on a mission into the Indian Ocean and even into the Persian Gulf. The Indian Ocean mission was a clear message to both India and the USA, and the visit to the Persian Gulf was likely a “show the flag” effort to give support to its Iranian ally. It also reports that China has built three “boomer” subs which can fire strategic, intercontinental, nuclear-capable missiles while at sea. Previous posts have discussed the new Chinese seaport at Gwadar on the Pakistani seacoast, so this Chinese submarine’s voyage also tested its ability to deploy to that Pakistani base.

The sixth link reports that Poland is going to redeploy a significant number of its army troops to its eastern border with the Ukraine. This obviously is intended to signal Poland’s solidarity with its Ukrainian neighbor who wishes to align with NATO and Europe. Other NATO nations may also deploy military units to Eastern Poland to show the same kind of solidarity with the Ukraine against the pressures being placed on it by Russia. In a related link, the seventh link reports that the Czech Republic has become a hub for Russian (and Chinese) spies in Eastern/Central Europe as the Ukrainian crisis has progressed. The eighth link cites a “radical escalation of aggressive Russian military flexing” according to one analyst. Russia has returned to Cold War behavior in having its air force conduct training missions against Japanese and American air space. These Russian attack/training missions are now being done on a near “daily basis.” Japan has dispatched its warplanes to intercept Russian warplanes 324 times in just the last six months! The US has also deployed 20 M1 tanks and 700 military personnel to NATO’s Baltic States as the Ukrainian crisis heated up.

The ninth link reports that China has flight-tested a new, mobile ICBM which can be deployed on “rugged terrain or other difficult road conditions.” Think an ICBM on an off-road vehicle. China seems to have an unlimited ability to fund all kinds of new weaponry even as the USA and NATO have been steadily reducing their military forces and budgets in recent years. The link adds that this new missile “is a sign that Beijing is increasing its strategic strike capability against the United States (emphasis added).” Anyone with a thinking brain can see that China (and Russia) are building a force structure that is designed to attack the USA and its allies. What hardly anyone realizes is that the prophet Ezekiel foretold that very thing would occur in the latter days of our age (Ezekiel 38-39). The Bible has to be the Word of a Creator Being to be so accurate that one of its 2500 year-old prophecies is heading toward fulfillment in our modern world. Obviously, Ezekiel 38-39 do not use the word “United States of America” or “NATO” in them. How the prophetic wording in those chapters identifies the USA and the NATO-led, western alliance can be seen in my books, articles, audio messages about prophecy, etc. One good place to begin examining this conclusion is my article: The United States in Biblical Prophecy. However, not everything is going well for China’s weapons-deployment programs. China’s newly deployed aircraft carrier has suffered a steam explosion, engine problems and at least one complete power failure during its sea trials (see tenth link). This is a carrier that is not ready for prime time.

Finally, we see glimpses in media reports about some of the nations’ new and/or secret weapons programs and this blog has discussed many of them in past years (invisibility cloaks, nanotechnology weapons, the X-37B, the US Navy’s new rail-gun technology, etc.). What would really be interesting (or very frightening) is if we could be given knowledge about all the secret weapons systems being developed by the world’s major nations that have not been disclosed via any media outlet. I’ll leave readers with one personal report which hints at how high-tech certain new weapons might actually be. I knew a US army veteran, now deceased, who told me many years ago that he was personally aware the USA field-tested focused, microwave weapons at North Korean and Chinese troops during the Korean War in 1950-52. According to this second-hand eyewitness report, enemy troops “had their brains fried” and had to be led by their hands from the combat zone when captured because they no longer knew who or where they were. If this report was true, and I know the source was credible, what kinds of weaponry are the nations experimenting with now if usable micro-wave weapons were deployed in the early 1950s? What other futuristic new weaponry has been secretly field-tested in a variety of regional or local wars all over the world in the decades since the Korean War? I think we can be glad that we don’t know what kinds of weaponry or doomsday systems now exist that haven’t yet been disclosed. If we did, we’d likely better understand Jesus Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:22 that unless he came earlier than expected, there would be “no flesh” left alive on this planet.

I wish to thank two readers who sent me some of these links.

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