Readers who have come to my website with any regularity will see that there have been many changes made to its content and appearance. While there are some additions to the new website that are still pending and some glitches that need fixing, we feel the site sufficiently prepared that it has gone “live” so readers can see the new changes. I very much hope that you will like what you see!

My old website’s content had was placed on the site with many different types of now-archaic and different software. With the growing amount of material at my website, it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold the entire website together with all kinds of “patches” connecting this diverse mix of software formats. It also was becoming more challenging to make my website’s links compatible with modern portable readers, social media platforms, and current Internet usages. As anyone who knows me already realizes, I am not at all a “techie” so I’m trying to describe this process with language and terms that I can understand. I hired two IT professionals to upgrade my website and what you see is the result of their efforts. You may still see some “placeholder” language in some locations that are being upgraded and finalized, and some articles accessible through the tab at the top of my homepage do not yet have active or finished links. I ask that readers be patient as everything comes together.

New features will include the website becoming compatible with many social media platforms, and there will be a new feature where readers can sign up to have new blog posts for each month be sent automatically to their inbox at the end of each month. New videos are coming and invitations to events will be coming through this new venue. The new changes are also intended to make the website more visible to search engines and to make the website easier to navigate and read. Other additions are also being considered for future placement at the website. An upgraded “Bio” tab about me is still pending. I encourage readers to look for additions as they are made.

My special thanks to those who have been donors to my website. Their efforts have made it possible for my website’s content to be on the Internet, and it is their contributions that are paying for this major re-design and upgrade to the website.

If you like the appearance and navigability of this website and you are interested in or in need of affordable website construction or re-design services, I recommend the person, Raymond Mills, who spearheaded this upgrade and the changes being made. You may contact him at