A recent post at this blog site described a new laser weapon being developed by the US Navy which would be the most powerful laser ever developed. It is powerful enough to be used as an effective defensive weapon against cruise or ballistic missiles attacking US aircraft carriers or any other target.  The first link below offers more detailed information about this very powerful US military laser project. Russia, China and Iran (nations in the “Gog Magog” alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39) have been working feverishly to develop new weapons which will be able to sink US aircraft carriers. Previous posts at this site have examined their new supersonic cruise missiles, ballistic missiles designed to attack moving targets such as aircraft carriers, etc.

If the US Navy can deploy these lasers as defensive weapons quickly enough, they would be able to furnish a fleet-defense weapon that the US Navy needs badly to defend against the new weaponry being designed by Russia and China to sink American carriers.

However, a BBC report (see second link) reveals that an “anti-laser” has also been developed which can cancel out an incoming laser beam. Thankfully, this “anti-laser” has also been developed in the USA, so both of these developments are good for the western nations. The BBC report indicates that this “anti-laser” is not a military weapon, but only the naive would believe that a working model of an anti-laser technology would not also be adapted to have a military usage.

Several thoughts come to mind. Given that previous posts at this blog site (and numerous articles in the world media) have documented that both China and Russia are feverishly spying on the USA to steal any military or commercial secrets they can, one wonders if these laser technologies can be kept secret from such spies or if these technologies have already been stolen by Russian and Chinese operatives. As an example of the effectiveness of the Chinese spying program, the third link details the recent sentencing of a person who worked on the sensitive B-2 bomber project who gave critical secrets to China.

Also, no nation reveals all of what it is working on militarily nor does it reveal the full extent of the development of key projects. It may well be that the USA is much further along in developing and deploying laser weaponry than has been admitted to the media, and, since any anti-laser capability has obvious military usages, you can be sure that such usages are already being explored and/or developed.

Even if the US lasers are effective against all incoming cruise and ballistic missiles fired by Russia or China against US carriers, it is my understanding that a laser is not effective at stopping incoming torpedoes.

A final thought. The Bible has a strong prophetic hint that when the beast power comes into existence, that it will possess and display surprising new weapons systems which will awe the masses.  Revelation 13:4 prophesies that when the beast system’s leader is unveiled, the nations will say “Who is able to make war with him?” That statement strongly infers that the beast leader will reveal new weapons systems that will make him seem to be invincible. Powerful lasers and anti-laser capabilities are just one possible set of weaponry in his arsenal. Previous blog posts have examined such cutting-edge military technologies as nanotechnology weaponry and invisibility (“cloaking”) technology. Other probable and possible weapons systems include HAARP and scalar weaponry, weather-modification technology, “UFO”-like aerial vehicles, anti-matter weaponry and even quantum weaponry.

I think we can safely believe, based on Revelation 13:4, that there are weapons systems being developed even now in secret laboratories in many nations that will amaze the world when they are revealed and demonstrated when the beast system is imposed on the earth’s nations.