All readers are surely aware that the extensive tunnel system built by Hamas under Gaza’s surface poses a significant obstacle to Israel’s goals of eliminating Hamas fighters and rescuing Israeli hostages. However, Israel has come up with an ingenious new plan for countering this Hamas advantage.

The first link and second link detail Israel’s plan to use high-volume water pumps to fill the Hamas tunnels with seawater from the Mediterranean Sea. This will gradually flush out the Hamas terrorists who are hiding in those tunnels as they will need to come out of the tunnels to avoid drowning. Israel will need to be careful to also avoid drowning the Israeli hostages so Israel can be expected to conduct the flooding of the tunnels in operational stages. Not only is this an excellent strategy to drive the Hamas fighters to the surface where they can be killed or captured, it will also degrade any war supplies or weaponry that Hamas has hidden in secret underground storage locations. The Mediterranean Sea is salt-water, so its waters will corrode the electronic and digital equipment stockpiled by Hamas and it will also degrade their weaponry due to the corrosive effects of salt-water.

The second link mentions an ambitious post-war plan suggested by Israel to turn Gaza into a region of water parks by the Sea to attract tourists. Any such project is only a long-term suggestion. The post-war plans for Gaza are clearly murky at this time. Israel will not pay to rebuild the Gaza Strip. Maybe oil-rich Arab nations will do so if Gaza is placed under their Sunni administrations and the Iranian Shiites have no place in a post-war Gaza. Israel’s military will be occupying Gaza at the end of the war so it will have a huge say in the fate of post-war Gaza. I expect Israel will require that Gaza be demilitarized in any post-war scenario.

There are now signs that Hamas fighters and their civilian allies are beginning to surrender in large numbers. The third link, fourth link and fifth link document this development and show large numbers of captured Hamas fighters being inspected and driven away in trucks to detention locations. They are stripped to their underwear to be sure they are not hiding weapons or grenades or IEDs which could be detonated by suicide bombers among the captured Hamas/Israeli fighters. As word of Israel’s plans to flood the tunnels spreads among the Hamas fighters, I suspect more will surrender to avoid drowning. I also think it likely some will bring Israeli hostages with them as a sign of giving Israel what it wants in exchange for allowing Hamas fighters to live and be captured.

There is a huge question about the condition and fates of the Israeli hostages not yet freed. Apparently, none have been visited by the Red Cross or any NGO to see if they are still alive. Without doubt, Israeli investigators will ask each released Israeli and foreign hostage if they saw any of the not-yet-released Israeli hostages and what were their conditions. All captured Hamas fighters will also be vigorously interrogated to extract as much intelligence about the Israeli captives as possible to help the IDF possibly rescue more hostages. The sixth link cites the testimony of a freed foreign worker who had been held hostage. He described the capricious cruelty and starvation tactics used by Hamas against Israeli captives. The seventh link reports the US State Department warns that sexual violence may still be perpetrated on Israeli captives. This highlights the urgency of rescuing the hostages and it also makes evident that some hostages may be killed to hide the physical evidence of the horrors perpetrated on them by their Palestinian captors.

When this war is over and the fates of all Israeli captors are documented, I would not be surprised to see the worst Hamas torturers be executed as were the Nazi and Japanese Imperialist war criminals after World War II. If Hamas has been torturing Israeli captives for two months in their dungeon-like tunnels, I think executions of Hamas torturers would be a near certainty as a deterrent to prevent future anti-Jewish terrorists from doing similar atrocities.

Zechariah 12:1-8 prophecy that in the latter days, the city of Jerusalem and Judah, the Israeli nation, will become a  “burdensome stone” and a “cup of trembling” to the nations of the world. Verse 6 prophesies swift and total victory for the Jewish army in the latter days. As Israel devastates Gaza, kills thousands of Hamas fighters and is now taking many of them as prisoners, this prophecy is coming true before our eyes.

One final point to consider: When Hamas terrorists invaded Israeli towns, they tortured people to death, raped Israeli women and paraded their nude or nearly-nude bodies, decapitated Israelis and burned Israelis alive. Now that Israel is invading Gazan cities, are Israeli IDF troops doing the same evil things to Palestinian citizens and women? The answer to date is a clear “no.” Israel’s forces are acting as responsible warriors who do not commit the atrocities done by Hamas vs. Israelis. This must take incredible discipline by the Israeli troops as some of them surely have family members and friends who were tortured by Hamas. This is a tribute to the responsible, civilized discipline being observed by the Israeli soldiers. It also shows that those who demonstrate against Israel and in favor of Hamas and the Palestinians are propagandized fools.