May 22, 2009
Steve Collins
Past blogs and media stories have, no doubt, informed readers of the growing rumors of an Israeli strike vs. Iran’s nuclear program. In the aftermath of the first meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and US President Obama, the chances of such a strike have just increased significantly.
Various internet stories have reported that Iran has surprised the entire western world by successfully test-launching a new longer-range missile that can hit Israeli or European targets much more accurately because it utilizes solid-fuel. This also means Iranian missiles might be much harder to locate as solid-fueled rockets can be moved around easily on mobile launchers. As the first link (from reports, this means that the Iranians are much closer to being able to launch missiles against Israeli or European targets than anyone previously realized. Indeed, the report indicates that the Israelis do not have a reliable defense against this Iranian missile. Given Iran’s proclamation to “wipe Israel off the map,” the Israelis are running out of time to take action against Iran’s nuclear program and its missile program. If Iran launches nuclear (or even chemical/bacteriological) weapons vs. Israeli cities with the new more-accurate missiles, the Israeli nation could be wiped out. It appears Iran has every intention of preparing to do exactly what it said it wants to do: exterminate the Jewish state.
Iran’s new capability has changed Mideast politics as well as the dynamics of US-Israeli relations. Shiite Iran can also now easily fire these missiles at all US military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq…or at the Sunni Saudi and Kuwait oil fields…or at the Suez Canal of Sunni Egypt. If Iran is not stopped quickly, it will hold hostage all the Mideast, and the entire world oil market will be at the mercy of Iran. This makes it more likely that the USA and Sunni Arab nations may yet make common cause with Israel in a strike vs. Iranian nuclear and missile facilities.
Clearly, the Israelis see the increased danger. The second link reports that the entire Israeli Air Force just conducted a drill to practice “all out war…on all fronts,” and the entire Israeli civilian population will participate in June in an exercise simulating an attack upon the entire Israeli population. This is getting very serious, and war looks imminent because Iran seems not only willing, but eager, to push the crisis to open conflict.
Why is Iran seemingly so eager for a conflict? Several reasons are possible. The first is that it has prepared Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria to wage war against Israel from Israel’s northern and southern border regions. Many thousands of missiles are poised to launch at Israeli targets from close range in Lebanon, Gaza and Syria. Iran may sense that it has an opportunity to destroy the Israeli nation if these thousands of short-range rockets are fired at Israel at the same time Iran fires its new solid-fuel rockets at Israeli cities, the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona, its strategic Jericho missile base, etc. Also, it may be that Iran is acting at the behest of Russia and China. Russia has provided Iran with its nuclear technology and its anti-aircraft defenses. China has assisted Iran in its missile technology. Russia and China may have given Iran the new “sizzler” supersonic cruise missile so that the Iranians can fire them at US warships in the Persian Gulf the instant the Iranian facilities are attacked. Russia and China may be eager to have their new weaponry tested against western weaponry so they can know just how weak the US military and naval defenses really are.  Ezekiel 38-39 reveal that Russia, China and Iran will be close allies in the latter-days when they openly attack the entire western world in a bid for world domination. This new Axis needs some testing of their new weaponry vs. current US and western technology before they openly start a global war, and they may be “itching” to arrange such a test. Given the goals of Russia, China and Iran prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39, the USA cannot allow Israeli forces to lose a confrontation with Iran. If Iran can successfully attack “the little Satan” (the Israelis), Iran will attack “the Great Satan” (the USA) next. Iran’s military has already practiced launching missiles to air-burst EMP weapons over enemy targets. These tests were conducted over the Caspian Sea as a previous blog reported. Iran can launch these EMP weapons from nondescript freighters off the US coasts.
The world stage is set for major events. The Vatican wants jurisdiction over some Holy Sites on Israeli soil. The Israelis want a 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount. The UN wants jurisdiction over the Old City of Jerusalem. Both the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations want to stop Iran from dominating the entire Mideast. The third link below reports that Iran sees a way that it can seize some power over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Major biblical prophecies may be nearing fulfillment. This is a critical time for believers to watch world events. Some personal preparations are also in order. If a Mideast War erupts, it could very easily disrupt world oil, financial and commodity supplies.  If Hezbollah joins the war, it may activate terrorist “sleeper cells” throughout the USA and Europe to attack Americans and Europeans in places they would least expect. FEMA has always advised Americans to have reserves of food, batteries, water, etc. for emergencies such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms that take down electrical grids, etc. Add widespread terrorist attacks to that list of dangers.
If you hear of a war beginning in the Mideast, I urge readers of this blog to vigorously pray for God’s favor on the military forces of the Israelis and whoever else joins the battle against Iran. Genesis 49:8-9 prophesy that the Israelis (Judah) will be militarily powerful and successful in the latter days. This prophecy may have already been fulfilled in the wars fought by the Israelis in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. However, it may be about to be fulfilled again. I will not be surprised if this next war, if it occurs, sees the Israelis allied with some Arab nations who do not want to be controlled or dominated by Iranian mullahs.