This post is to inform readers about two ingenious new advances in surveillance techniques which can be used in both civilian and military applications. One has been developed by China and one by the USA.

China has developed a new means of identifying people that was previously unknown. You have no doubt read about retinal eye-scan identifications and, of course, fingerprints have been used as identifiers for a long time. However, the Chinese now have a system where people walking across sensitized “spy pads” located on the ground can be electronically identified by their gait and weight. The system is being tested, reportedly, at two sites already—one of which is apparently outside the US Embassy in China. However, given China’s secretive nature, the device could already be installed and in use at hundreds of critical locations for all we know. It seems this advanced spy system is intended to monitor China’s civilian population, but this has obvious military surveillance applications as well.

The second link details a new US-developed surveillance device known as “Gorgon Stare.” This is an aerial surveillance device consisting of multiple cameras which can transmit simultaneous images of people and events on the ground over “an entire town” or “a whole city” (both terms are used in the link’s story). It is not stated how big a town or city has must be to be monitored by a single Gorgon Stare camera device, but a number of these devices working together could monitor a metropolis. This camera surveillance device will be deployed soon to Afghanistan for use by the US military, and it will be a quantum leap of surveillance power over what is currently being used. However, the military uses of Gorgon Stare could easily be applied to civilian uses back in the USA once the system is perfected. It could be used benignly to continuously monitor the entire American-Mexican border to catch every illegal immigrant coming across the border, or it could be used to monitor the US civilian population at many locations around the nation.

Both the “spy pad” and the Gorgon Stare device may have prophetic implications. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that the current global financial/monetary system will collapse in the latter days and be replaced by a global “beast” system which will be able to exercise immense control over the global masses. Revelation 13:16-18 prophecy that the beast system will have complete ability to monitor and/or control all economic/financial activity on earth. This is only possible in the high-tech computerized world in which we live, another sign that we are living in the prophesied latter days.  However, given that the beast system will exercise modern technologies to monitor all financial activities on the globe, will it not also use other high-tech surveillance activities to monitor everyone’s location and movements as well? With GPS, RFID and other technologies interfaced with “Gorgon Stare” unmanned RPVs flying over cities or regions, everyone’s movements may be monitored as well. China’s innovative “spy pad” technology and the USA’s massive expansion of its aerial surveillance technology are two more steps toward a global system whereby a global government can monitor everyone. Once it can monitor everyone, it is only a matter of time until a control freak in charge of the system seeks to control everyone on earth. The “Big Brother” world of the beast system is drawing nearer. Say good-bye to privacy!

I wish to thank an alert reader who sent me both of the links below so other readers of this blog could be aware of these developments.