I had previously announced to readers of this website that a publisher in Holland was working on a Dutch language printed version of my initial book, The “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!” I am very pleased to announce that this book is now available for purchase! Those interested in obtaining a copy of my initial book in the Dutch language can go to the publisher’s website, www.vlichthus.nl. Those interested in making bulk purchases can contact “Wim” at that website to determine what discounts are available for bulk purchases either for distribution purposes or for resale to others in retail transactions. I urge Dutch-speakers who can read my English-language website to let their Dutch friends know about this new book. Although the new Dutch book has the same copyrighted text as my English-language book, its cover and title has been changed for the Dutch market. Its Dutch title is: Unknown Israel–From David until Now.
My original book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, sold out four printings, but it is no longer available in print form in the English language. Ironically, new copies of my initial book can now be obtained only in the Dutch language. However, this book (packed with well-documented information about the migrations, empires and modern locations about the ten tribes of Israel) is now exclusively available in the English language at this website as an e-book for the modest price of $12.99, and it can easily be ordered via a secure credit card transaction on my homepage.
A homepage link to the Dutch publisher will also be placed on my website’s homepage for future visitors to be made aware of its availability.