Just when we think that we’ve learned about all the massive surveillance being done by the US government both domestically and internationally, new information is released about how all-pervasive it really is becoming. Many media stories have been done re: the NSA’s spying efforts all over the world on all forms of electronic communications, but this latest surveillance program spies on people and locations via video recordings from high-altitude drones and UAVs.

This new video-spying program is called “Argus,” and it uses a vast array of cameras on a single aerial platform to monitor all events within a very large area on the ground. The first link says ARGUS monitors all activity within 15 square miles at one time, but the second link asserts it monitors everything within 36 square miles. The first link gives a live demonstration of how much information is being/can be stored about Americans walking or driving about in a US city. The third link, from British media, offers even more details.

It is claimed that ARGUS can monitor and identify objects as small as six inches from an aerial platform approximately 3 miles aloft. Since it is highly unlikely that publicly released information about ARGUS will reveal its full capabilities, I suspect its true level of technological spying ability is greater than stated in any of the public links cited.

What is truly remarkable is that ARGUS archives all the visual data it collects so it creates a real-time video mosaic of all actions within a monitored area over a period of days (or longer). This has both excellent and troublesome ramifications. ARGUS would be great at tracking terrorists who are suspected of planning a WMD event, and locating enemy equipment and troops in a war-zone. Indeed, with ARGUS’ technology being so advanced, why isn’t it being used to identify and track all ISIL tanks, artillery pieces, convoys, etc. throughout Syria and Iraq? Such targets would scarcely be able to hide in the open desert or move between cities unnoticed. With this information, US and allied air strikes could make quick work of all ISIL armored vehicles in a short time and the war against ISIL would be all-but-over when its main weaponry is destroyed. ARGUS could also be used to reconstruct accident scenes throughout a city for many days. There would be no need to argue about who caused what traffic accident. ARGUS technology would capture the entire accident from the sky and could be available as subpoenaed evidence in court. If ARGUS is deployed everywhere in the USA on a 24/7 basis, it could also capture airplane accidents, bank robberies, kidnappings, etc. in real-time or be accessible via archived images to assist police investigations. On the dark side, this technology could be used to monitor whatever is happening on the ground and utterly trample on the US Constitution’s 4th Amendment, and in the hands of wicked, control-freak leaders, it could be used to create a “Big Brother” police state far beyond what George Orwell ever imagined. Revelation 13:11-18 warns us the control freaks will be present in the prophesied global “beast” system re: economic/financial matters so why wouldn’t they use ARGUS’ technology to further implement their control-freak desires? Revelation 17-18 prophesies the “beast” system will be established by the global powers after our current global world-system is deposed by the “seven heads and ten horns” who will tear down the “Babylon the Great” system which now holds sway over the globe.

The ever-hastening technological advances are also rapidly fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel 12:4 that mankind’s knowledge would exponentially increase in the latter days or “time of the end.” As I’ve noted in previous posts, the Hebrew word translated “increased” in Daniel 12:4 is the same word used in Genesis 7:17 to describe how the waters of the Deluge in Noah’s time “increased” upon the earth. Since the waters of the Deluge increased exponentially, we can expect Daniel 12:4’s prophecy to mean the same thing–and that is exactly what has happened.

For more perspectives on ARGUS’ spying capabilities, please refer to the last link which is a web searched listing for this topic.

My thanks to a reader who sent me the first link.

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