Each post I write has some type of biblical applicability, but occasionally I write on a topic that is of extreme importance to biblical believers and scholars re: biblical history and prophecies. I believe this post is of especial importance as it confirms that we are not only living in the latter days, but may now be entering nearer to its end-stages. This topic about which I will write today gives me the chills, given its real-world ramifications. It may have the same effect on you. This is a longer post, but I think you will be glad you read it all.

The topic of this post is the new CRISPR gene-modification technology which is becoming widespread in the scientific community and will make some old “science fiction” themes become mainstream realities in the years ahead of us. CRISPR stands for a long and mostly-incomprehensible technical name which you can find in these links. The first link is from the current issue of National Geographic magazine, and it is a “must” read, in my judgment, and I’ll offer some quotes from it below. The second link opens to an article from TIME magazine, which you can access if you are a subscriber. I was a subscriber so I have the print version of the magazine from which I will also offer some citations (I cancelled my subscription to TIME, as the magazine was so overtly liberal that it had lost all pretense of objective journalism, in my view). If you are not a subscriber, you can likely read the article at your local library; ask for the July 4, 2016 issue.

The first link states: “CRISPR places an entirely new kind of power into human hands. For the first time, scientists can quickly and precisely alter, delete and rearrange the DNA of nearly any living organism, including us.” Think about that statement. Nothing is sacrosanct about the Creation any longer. Mankind can meddle in all kinds of ways into the DNA of the globe’s species “quickly and precisely.” The link describes some ways where this new technology can be used in a benign manner to eradicate diseases and serve other useful purposes. However, its malignant possibilities are so vast that US Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, warned the US Senate that techniques like CRISPR “ought to be regarded as possible weapons of mass destruction.” Especially disconcerting is that there is no regulatory framework in the USA to monitor and supervise how this new technology is being used. The first link concludes with a quote that observes “…we now have a power over species of all kinds that we never thought possible…we are dealing with a fundamentally new kind of power.” Before CRISPR, mankind had no idea that it would be able to change and manipulate the DNA of all the species that exist on the earth.

Margaret Sanger of the Eugenics Movement and a founder of Planned Parenthood, made statements indicating she wanted to eliminate the black race (third link). Hitler wanted to implement the “Final Solution; vs. the Jews. With CRISPR, the elimination of an entire race or ethnic group via genetic manipulation is now literally conceivable. Sanger or Hitler would have been thrilled to have CRISPR to work with in their malignant desires to eliminate entire spectrums of mankind. No wonder Director Clapper warned that CRISPR could become a new weapon of mass destruction. Do you think this is a difficult technology that can only be implemented in a high-tech lab? Think again. The second link’s article states: “you can go to any number of biological-supply companies and order your own CRISPR kit for as little as $130.” Think what high-tech terrorists could do with CRISPR. They could turn any old abandoned building into a genetic terrorist weapons factory where they could, theoretically, bio-engineer weapons to infiltrate DNA changes into the mass population via food, water or air supplies via nano-technology delivery mechanisms that would alter people’s DNA without their knowledge.

I think there is little doubt that nations are already using CRISPR technology to try and develop super-soldiers to use in warfare. The first link includes a segment where Chinese scientists are already breeding dogs to see how they can use CRISPR technology to develop dog offspring that have twice the muscle mass of normal dogs. There is no doubt in my mind that as soon as they have perfected that technique in animals, they will apply the same technology to breed humans with superhuman strength to serve China as super-soldiers. China has long worked with nano-technology and genetic manipulation techniques to, I have long believed, develop new and insidious weapons of mass destruction to target entire racial and national groups with death or disabling diseases to facilitate Chinese invasions of future target populations. I was surprised to learn, while doing a Google search on this subject, that a post I wrote about nine years ago, topped Google’s search options. That a nine-year old post topped a Google search about “Chinese nanotechnology weapons” indicates many people have read my post and found it credible. I suggest you read that post available at the fifth link and visualize how Chinese nanotechnology could be combined with CRISPR technology to produce entirely new classes of genetic weapons of mass destruction. Indeed, many other nations could be working on this same ability to develop unspeakably-destructive genetic super weapons. The fourth link is a scholarly article about CRISPR and it reports that CRISPR “editing” experiments involving human embryos have been occurring since at least 2015. This is what is being admitted privately. Who knows how far such human CRISPR experiments have already “progressed?”

The first two links also report that scientists are using CRISPR technology to breed pigs to alter their virus-infected tissues so pig organs can be used on a widespread basis for transplants into human beings. This poses an immediate biblical dilemma. God regards swine flesh (any pig tissue) as unclean. Leviticus 11 lists many species of animals, birds, sea-creatures, etc. that are “unclean” in God’s eyes. In Leviticus 11:8, God’s TORAH instructions to ancient Israel via Moses states concerning pigs (and other unclean species): “Of their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcass shall you not touch; they are unclean to you” (emphasis added). If God’s instructions were to not even touch an unclean animal’s body, would not the transplant of a pig’s organs into a human being make that human being “unclean” in God’s eyes? We have biblical and non-canonical evidence that mixing humans with all kinds of species from the natural world occurred in the pre-Flood world and that this action almost led to God destroying all species on the planet as all life forms became “unclean” in his eyes.

We know from Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:28 that the book of Jasher was once a canonical and divinely-inspired book from God to mankind. It is not in today’s Canon, but versions of it do exist. I have the “1840” version of the book of Jasher from which I will quote. I find that version to be very complementary to the Bible from its beginning to the time of Moses, but after that period of time, it has conflicts with the Bible and even one chapter which was clearly added much later. Its version of the pre-Flood time confirms mankind was literate (Jasher 2:13) from at least the time soon after the creation of Adam and Eve. Jasher 4:18 states that “the sons of mankind in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixing of one species with another, in order therewith to provoke the Lord, and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, both men and animals” (emphasis added). Obviously, the mixing of all the species could not be done via inter-species copulation, but it could be done with the pre-Flood predecessor of CRISPR technology. Jesus Christ prophesied the latter days of our age would mirror the pre-Flood world (Matthew 24:37) so whatever was done in the pre-Flood world will likely be done in our time. Daniel 12:4 prophesied the end-time would witness an exponential increase in knowledge, so the same knowledge explosion happened in the pre-Flood world. Mankind was again rebuilding the pre-Flood technologies soon after the Flood and had reached a tipping point in knowledge development even God said, “nothing they imagine will be restrained from them” (Genesis11:1-6). Not wanting to see mankind again provoke him into destroying the planet’s creatures, God confused their languages (Genesis 11:7-9) so no one could read any pre-Flood documents and he made them all illiterate with new spoken languages but no written languages. However, biblical prophecies show God will allow mankind to redevelop the pre-Flood technologies in the latter days to once again prove to mankind it lacks the character to handle such knowledge. [For extensive evidence that we live in the biblical “latter days,” please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?]

Consider what Jasher 4:18 records. Mankind was mixing the species of animals, birds, fish and mankind into one genetic “stew” of lab-created genetic mutations. This meant any conceivable kind of weird mutation was possible. Pre-Flood companies could have created bizarre creatures for blood-sport like the Romans had in their gladiatorial contests and armies of bio-engineered armies could have fought battles across the earth (Genesis 6:1-7 records the pre-Flood world was a very wicked civilization). Genesis 6:4 mentions “giants” became present on the earth then. Maybe they were bio-engineered into existence? The first link mentions that genetic changes engineered into human beings genetically altered by CRISPR technology will be able to pass on their genetically-created traits to future offspring “perpetually,” so “giants” could have continued long after they were bio-engineered. Jasher 4 records God had to kill off all pre-Flood life forms on the entire planet (except for Noah’s family and the life forms on the Ark) as they had all become “corrupt” (i.e. genetically altered into species God did want on his earth). Genesis 6:9-13 echoes Jasher 4 as it also states the entire earth had become “corrupt” and only Noah would live, as he was “perfect in his generations.” When this statement is considered in light of Jasher 4:18, it may mean that Noah and his family were the only humans left that were not “unclean” in God’s eyes by being contaminated with animal genes. Genesis 7:14-16 indicates the animals to be saved in the Ark came to Noah so God was bringing to the Ark the few remaining animal and bird members of God’s original species which had not been contaminated with the pre-Flood version of CRISPR experiments and actions.

The new CRISPR technology means that modern mankind can now do the same thing that Jasher 4:18 states pre-Flood mankind had done: blend all kinds of “designer” new mixtures of species into the entire human race to “improve” it somehow. God almost annihilated all species on the earth when the pre-Flood civilization went so far wayward from God’s original species designs. Modern mankind risks the same fate at God’s hands if the CRISPR technology leads to the same result that happened in the pre-Flood world. God does not change (Malachi 3:6) so what provoked him to almost annihilate all life on earth could lead to a repeat of God’s similar intervention if this CRISPR technology is allowed to “‘corrupt” all life forms on earth in mankind’s future. The last sentence in Malachi 4:4-6 indicates that at the end of our age, God will almost be ready to come and “smite the earth” with his curse because of how degenerate mankind and all life on the earth would become in his eyes. It should sober us to realize mankind can now do the same thing that Jasher 4:18 records caused God to all but wipe out life on planet earth.

One final thought. Mankind has long had legends of such chimera species as centaurs, minotaurs, fauns, etc. that were human-animal mixed creatures. The movies based on the Chronicles of Narnia books did an excellent job of portraying such human-animal mixes. Given what the pre-Flood civilization was doing in the pre-Flood world, such animal-human mixes would have been quite possible. Noah’s family after the Flood developed into the modern nations on earth, and all the nascent nations would have known about the animal-human mixed creatures that existed in the pre-Flood world at the time God confused the languages of all nations at Babel (Genesis 11:7-9). All nations would have preserved the memory that such bizarre creatures actually once existed as they migrated to new locations on earth and taught each new generation the past history of mankind in their respective new languages. The legends of such strange creatures may not be legends at all. They may have existed in large numbers at the time God destroyed every living thing not on the Ark. Given what CRISPR can do now, such bizarre creatures may again be developed in our future. The second link mentions CRISPR technology could bring back extinct species as well. Jurassic Park, here we come! Genesis 11:6 asserts that once mankind reaches a certain tipping point of knowledge development, “nothing” mankind “imagines” will be impossible for it to develop. The human race has already “imagined” human-animal mixed life forms and Jurassic Park genetically-developed dinosaurs via DNA-manipulations. How many years off can such things be now that CRISPR makes all kinds of genetic manipulations easy?

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