November 7, 2008
Steven Collins
Barack Obama has been elected the next President of the USA, but ongoing actions by both the USA and Russia re: their missile programs indicate Obama will face some very tough decisions soon after he becomes President. Although world diplomats are still denying the obvious, it is evident that a new Cold War between Russia and the USA is taking shape.
As many readers know, the USA inked deals with Poland and the Czech Republic to base a large number of defensive missiles in Poland (other facilities for the program will be in the Czech Republic) which could knock down incoming missiles attacking NATO nations. The USA cites the danger posed by a developing Iranian missile program, but it is also understood that the defensive missiles could shoot down Russian missiles attacking Europe. Russia has now responded with a missile deployment of its own.
The first link below examines Russia’s announcement that it is deploying offensive missiles to its Kaliningrad enclave located between Poland and the Baltic Republics. These missiles could attack the American missiles being placed in Poland (and many other NATO targets as well). Most Americans have no idea that Russia still has a strong military presence on the north side of the European continent just north of Poland in Kaliningrad. The Russian missiles could be fitted with nuclear warheads according to the news story. Russia has also broadly hinted that if the USA stops its plans to base defensive missiles in Poland, Russia could be persuaded to not deploy its attack missiles in Kaliningrad. This option will no doubt be presented to Obama by Russia early in his presidency. If Obama agrees to this deal, he will be seen as a weak leader because he would have to betray signed deals with Poland and the Czech Republic in order do it. That would allow Russia to claim victory because it had pushed the USA to remove its missiles from Poland without having to withdraw any Russian forces from anywhere. If Obama declines this deal, Russia will claim the right to place powerful missiles in northern Europe aimed at many NATO targets. This is the kind of jockeying that typified the old Cold War.
This also brings up a biblical connection. Ezekiel 38:15 prophesies that in the latter day, the nations of the ten tribes of “Israel” will be attacked from the north by a Russian-led alliance. While the USA is the major nation of the house of Israel now, many NATO nations in Europe are also descended from the ten tribes of Israel. They could easily be attacked “from the north” by Russian forces based in northern Europe at Kaliningrad (or from even further north from military forces located in Russia’s Kola Peninsula where Russian naval ships and air force bombers are based).
The USA has not been idle in missile development. The second link below details an American missile test where US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean, using new missile technology, tried to shoot down two ballistic missiles. One test was successful; the other was not. Earlier blogs at this website have examined a Russian-Chinese threat that has been largely “hushed up” by the western media: that Russia has developed and deployed a new supersonic cruise missile called the “sizzler” which is designed to attack and sink US aircraft carriers (which are outfitted with an Aegis defensive system equipped to shoot down attacking cruise missiles with subsonic speed). An earlier blog reported that Chinese subs were already being fitted with Russia’s new supersonic missiles to enable Chinese subs to sink US aircraft carriers. This has created an urgent need for the USA to develop and deploy new defensive missiles which can shoot down supersonic missiles launched at US carrier groups. I believe the US Navy test pitting US interceptor missiles vs. incoming ballistic missiles (which were surely supersonic) is part of that effort to quickly develop a defensive shield around (and over) US carrier groups to protect them from supersonic cruise or ballistic missiles launched by Russia, China or Iran.
The second link below cites the test was to develop a defensive ability vs. Iranian missiles, but that is a diplomatic way of not directly admitting the missile tests were also designed to protect US Navy ships from Russian and Chinese missiles already deployed. It is good news that the tests were 50% successful. That’s a good start, but they will need to attain a much higher success rate in order to protect US carriers from Russian and Chinese missiles. Russia and China may also have based these supersonic missiles at Iranian bases so they could be used vs. US warships in the event of a US attack vs. Iranian nuclear weapons facilities.
The second American-Russian Cold War has already begun. While I’m sure that there will be “peace offensives” and agreements which will seem to indicate any future war has been averted, Ezekiel 38’s prophecy reveals in advance that such all peace initiatives and agreements will succeed only in lulling the populations of the West to sleep. Ezekiel 38 foretells Russia, China, Iran and their will launch an attack (verses 2-10) which will catch the USA, NATO and their global allies by surprise (verses 11-12), even as the Japanese attack vs. Pearl Harbor in 1941 caught the USA napping when it should have been prepared and alert.
Solomon was right when he wrote in Ecclesiastes 1:6 that historical events repeat themselves in cycles. God also said the same thing in Isaiah 41:21-26 in which he warned that you can understand what is coming in the future by knowing “the former things” (what has happened in the past). The leaders of the USA and the West wouldn’t be surprised by future events if they paid heed to biblical warnings about will happen in the future. However, they have rejected the Bible, so they are blind to the eventual outcome of the new militarism and warlike attitudes of Russia, China and Iran.,2933,447204,00.html