In my many posts and my articles about the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 (Russia, China, Iran, etc.), there have been many references to the new weapon systems being built by these nations. However, we must remember that the designers of their new weapons systems are humans and they will make human mistakes. This link argues that China has made a major blunder in one of its new warplane designs.

The link reports that the new Chinese fighter jet, the J-31, is “drawing more snickers than raves from aviation experts,” and it may be a lemon instead of the cutting-edge air superiority warplane it was intended to be. The link notes that it was designed to compete with the new F-35 being built by the USA and other western nations, but the J-31 seems to be a F-35 wannabe that included design features from two other American warplanes, the F-117 stealth aircraft and the F-22. It appears that the J-31 was designed by a committee for too many roles and tried to hybridize too many features from various stolen US warplane designs. This polyglot approach resulted, apparently, in an aircraft that didn’t perform any of its designed missions very well. This reminds me of the President Johnson era when then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara backed and introduced another plane built by a committee with too many missions to do any of them well. It was the FB-111, which ended up, as I recall, too big to be a fighter and too small to be a bomber. I think it found a niche as a recon plane before they were retired. China may have repeated the “McNamara” mistake in its new J-31. That plane now seems intended for the export market to second- and third-tier nations.

As China builds lots of new weapons systems, some will work well and others will work poorly. The link also notes that China’s J-15, an intended naval warplane for its new carriers, was called the “flopping fish” by a Chinese media source as it couldn’t do its mission either. Keep in mind that none of China’s new weapons systems have yet been tested against sophisticated opponents in actual combat conditions. The Chinese are not “supermen.” They will make some mistakes too, and some of them will be big ones. Indeed, if I were in charge of the USA’s computer defenses and knowing that China and Russia were trying to steal anything of value, I’d make sure that they were allowed to “steal” some altered and flawed plans for actual new American weapons systems. This action would be intended to make sure China builds inferior weapons systems or ones which include secret “backdoors” in their electronics that American service personnel can use to disable Chinese weapons systems in ways China never expected.

Given that China doesn’t know which of its new weapons systems will work well in actual combat conditions, China needs, as I’ve pointed out in several posts, a regional or limited war against the military forces of Japan, India or the USA to determine how well their weapons systems (and personnel) fare against highly-trained and (in the case of American forces) combat-experienced service personnel. In have opined in previous posts that China has been intentionally and unreasonably bellicose in the South China Sea, in island chains near Japan and in its tactics because it actually wants to provoke a limited conflict to test its untried and untested weapons and personnel.

I thought this would be a good post to include for balance in the evaluation of the relative strengths of the Gog-Magog alliance and the US-led western alliance composed of the latter-day nations of the ten tribes of Israel and their allies. Even Ezekiel’s prophecy (39:3) that some weapons systems (missile launchers and missiles would seem to be indicated by the prophetic term “arrow” and “bow”) will fail to perform at all in the final war against the western alliance. Again, if I were in charge of US electronic counter-intelligence operations, I’d have made sure that China was regularly fed trade secrets that included many “Trojan horses” in disguise. What if for example, a stolen missile system with a GPS guidance system had a secret embedded program that would not activate until a Chinese missile was actually fired? What if that embedded program automatically substituted the launch GPS coordinates for the intended target GPS coordinates so any missile would actually turn around and strike its own base? That would certainly fulfill Ezekiel 39:3’s prophecy.

Concerning China’s new carriers, I wouldn’t lose sleep about them for years. It takes many years to develop a smoothly-functioning, integrated aircraft carrier task force where the screening vessels are all part of a sophisticated air-defense system and work together with naval airplanes that detect airborne and submarine threats, and where the pilots and warplanes are able to conduct missions in all kinds of weather. The US Navy has excelled at this skill for many years. Does China even have a single pilot that can land a warplane on a pitching flight deck in nighttime conditions? It think it will take many years for China to get anywhere near the carrier task force capabilities of US carriers. China’s carriers will be nothing but sitting ducks for US cruise missiles and torpedoes for many years, in my judgment.

China and Russia have no idea how many of the trade secrets they stole were actually intended to be used by China and Russia in its weapons systems without realizing they were incorporating design flaws that they didn’t realize were there. Stolen weapons plans may have been the vehicle for the introduction of the Stuxnet computer virus that disabled Iran’s nuclear-related computers a few years ago. These possibilities give China all the more reason to start a limited, regional war to detect the “bugs” in its weapons systems.