Scientists in the USA have developed a new technology that has obvious military applications (see link). Undoubtedly, it has civilian usages as well, but the article focuses on the quantum leap advance in military communications this technology represents.
The new technology utilizes a beam of neutrinos to send communications messages through solid rock. Indeed, the article states that the technology has already successfully sent a message through 240 meters of stone! If that much is being admitted publicly, I wonder what the real developed capacity already is. This technology is envisioned to eventually send messages between any two locations on earth by sending a neutrino message directly through the earth’s core between the two points. The article even states this technology could eventually send a message from earth to someone on the far side of the moon (or a planet) by sending the signal right through the moon (or planet) itself. Hmmm. That could offer a good segue into a discussion on modern UFOs, but I’ll “pass” on that for now to keep this post focused on something more immediate which I’ll discuss below.
The article discusses military communications between land sources and deployed, submerged submarines, but I’d like to suggest a more immediate (and pressing) usage is possible.
Many media articles have discussed the possibility of a likely Israeli (or American) military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The technically-difficult part of doing that successfully is that many of Iran’s nuclear facilities are either buried well underground or are located deep inside mountains. It has been thought that bunker-buster bombs are the only non-nuclear way of taking out some of Iran’s underground facilities. This new neutrino technology opens up a new way to attack Iran’s underground facilities. It is admitted that this new communication method can send a message via a stream of neutrinos through 240 meters of stone (perhaps 750 feet)? How deeply are Iran’s nuclear facilities buried? If a nondescript package with high explosives could be smuggled inside Iran’s underground facilities, perhaps it could be detonated via a beam of neutrinos sent from an agent on the surface, from an unmanned drone or even from a satellite. If an eight character message was successfully sent via 240 meters of stone, why couldn’t a message of seven characters (“explode”) be sent through the solid rock of an Iranian mountainside to a hidden explosive package located inside an Iranian nuclear facility? It is well-known from the Iraq war that IEDs were triggered to explode via cell phone signals sent to the explosive packages. Why couldn’t a neutrino message be sent to accomplish the same thing?
Also, my most recent post contained a link with a photo of Chinese airplanes entering a mountainside opening to enter a secret underground Chinese air force base. This neutrino technology could just as easily be used to explode a hidden explosive package inside a Chinese air force base located inside a mountainside as it could inside an Iranian mountainside nuclear facility. Since this technology is now being admitted publicly, one does wonder how long it has already been operational. Perhaps there are hidden explosive charges already smuggled inside Iranian, Russian, Chinese and North Korean underground facilities just waiting for a beam of neutrinos to send them a message to explode. This would be one incredible weapons system to have deployed in any future major war, don’t you think? I also wonder how many other nations have been working on this technology. Given the reported intensive spying conducted by Russian and Chinese agents (and cyberspying) inside the USA,  this technology may already have been stolen and developed by those nations to be used against US government facilities located in deep underground locations as well.
The new high-tech weaponry being developed is incredible, and directly fulfills a prophecy in Daniel 12:4 that knowledge would “be increased” in the time of the end [of this age]. The Hebrew word “increased” is the same one used in Genesis 7:17 to describe how the waters of the great Deluge of Noah’s time “increased” on the earth. In other words, this prophecy indicates an exponential increase of knowledge will be available to mankind in the latter days. Since Jesus Christ also told us that the latter day civilization on the earth would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah, today’s high-tech developments also tell us how far the pre-Flood world had advanced as well. Personally, I don’t think we have yet caught up with the technological development attained by pre-Flood mankind.  For more on these topics, I recommend you read my article Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? and listen to my audio message, As It Was in the Days Of Noah. That audio was recorded in approximately 1989, and my research into the pre-Flood world of Noah has expanded far beyond what is contained in that audio. If God ever gives me the restored health to write books again, I’d love to write a book about what really occurred on earth during the pre-Flood world. I do earnestly solicit your prayers to make that project happen!
My thanks to a friend who tipped me off to this link.