Steven Collins
June 24, 2007
In two previous items posted at this website’s “Articles” link  (see “Ezekiel 38-39 and World War III” at the “Prophecy” tab and “Japan in Biblical Prophecy”), I examined the alliances prophesied in Ezekiel 38 for latter-day nations and discussed the emergence of a new Pacific alliance including Japan (“Tarshish”), probably India (“Sheba and Dedan”) and other Pacific Rim nations which would be friendly to the NATO nations of the Western world. More is happening which indicates that such an alliance is coming to pass. Evidence that Japan and India are the nations indicated by Ezekiel 38:13’s prophecy about “Tarshish” and “Sheba and Dedan” is provided in the above-cited items.
To begin with, I continually marvel at how many important pieces of world news get no coverage at all in the USA’s “establishment” media. One must do some serious web searching to find reports which should be major news stories. In an earlier blog comment, I discussed the developing strategic alliance between the USA and India. This alliance is not yet finalized as snags have developed re: India’s nuclear technology programs and demands, but major geopolitical forces are pushing India and the USA together. Interesting information was found at a blog by Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor of The Australian (see link below). Mr. Sheridan noted that the Indian media has revealed that joint naval exercises will be conducted by India, Japan and the USA. Mr. Sheridan urged Australia to make it a “quadrilateral…Strategic Relationship.” Given Australia’s recent strategic alliance with Japan and its long alliance with the USA, it makes sense that Australia should join the strengthening ties with India as well. Mr. Sheridan correctly noted that “China would be annoyed.” Diplomats won’t state it so bluntly, but the emerging pro-Western alliance in Asia is clearly a reaction to China’s increasingly militaristic and belligerent actions. China’s neighbors have good reason to be wary of China’s actions and its intentions.
Australia has also decided to beef-up its navy. Yahoo! News reported on June 20, 2007 (see article: “Australia Buys Spanish warships”) that Australia has decided to buy 5 new warships from NATO-member Spain at a cost of $9.3 billion(US). The five ships will include three Aegis-equipped “air warfare destroyers” and two “huge amphibious landing ships.” The article also noted that the USA and Australia are conducting “a massive war game…[with] more than 20,000 US troops and 12,000 Australians, backed by a total of 30 ships and 125 aircraft.”
The new Australian naval ships, while a necessary move, will not be ready until “between 2014 and 2017.” Given China’s current rapid rate of building naval warships, there is no guarantee that China will delay a military attack against its intended rivals until Australia’s new warships are ready in 7-10 years from now. Ezekiel 38 warns that Russia, China and Iran will launch a surprise attack against the Western nations in the latter days of this age. The prophecy’s language indicates the attack will occur before the targeted nations are ready for it.