These two links are so striking I thought they should be passed on to all readers of this blog to consider. NBC-TV is one of the USA’s “establishment” media sources, which has traditionally hewed to “the party line'” regarding whatever the elites want to have distributed as “news.” What makes the first link so striking is that it was on NBC-TV that a report aired that reveals that America’s allies no longer trust the USA and its present administration. What that means, of course, is that they don’t trust the Obama administration, which sets America’s policies. Does this signal that some of the elites within the USA’s governing structures are turning their backs on Obama?

The NBC news-clip reports that the Saudis did not inform the USA of their intention to begin an air campaign against the Iranian-backed Shiites in Yemen and that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and other countries no longer trust the US administration with sensitive information. They fear the Obama administration will leak sensitive information to Iran, with whom the Obama administration seems to be pursuing a “nuclear deal at any price” kind of policy. I think their fears are well-founded.

The second link, an analysis by a retired US admiral, was sent to me by a reader, and it offers a revealing “insider” first-hand report on some of America’s policies in the Mideast dating back to the Carter administration. He “names names” regarding some of the people who have protected Iran from US military action in past years, and I recommend you listen to his revelations.

That there have been highly-placed officials in US administrations who protected Iran even before the Obama administration is very odd, given Iran’s deep and often-stated animosity toward the USA. Do these American officials recall the years when the Shah of Iran was an ally of the USA and cling to some delusion that a future regime change may bring Iran back to the American side? Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, which foretells that Persia (“Iran”) is destined by Divine decree to be allied with Russia and China in the Gog-Magog alliance at the end of our current age in an anti-Western alliance, reveals that any such desire on the part of pro-Iranian American officials is a pipe-dream.

It appears that many nations are trying to hold their breath and work around the incoherent  and contradictory policies of the Obama administration until a new president take office after the 2016 US elections. Many nations, I believe, are yearning for a president who can be relied upon to act in traditional American and allied interests and who will be able to tell the difference between allies and enemies.