This short post is to give readers an awareness of something the NATO powers are doing to demonstrate to Russia the cohesion and military power of the NATO nations. NATO nations have organized a major naval warfare exercise spanning the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It features five aircraft carriers from NATO nations (two from the USA and one each from the United Kingdom, France and Italy). With supporting escort warships and the warplanes on the carriers taking part in this exercise, it surely included dozens of warships and many scores of warplanes from a variety of NATO nations (first link). At a time when Russia is trying to split NATO from within, NATO must have thought it was important to demonstrate to Russia the cohesion of NATO’s military forces in acting together in several theaters.

As you know, NATO nations, especially the USA, have been giving an immense amount of military aid to Ukraine to help them resist Russia’s invasion. Some observers have described this major war as a surrogate war between Russia and NATO being fought in Ukraine. It has already yielded major lessons to both sides.

Russia had expected an easy victory lasting a few days, but we are now about nine months into what is becoming a war of attrition. Russia has learned that its vaunted tanks and armored vehicles are actually obsolete. American, British and Swedish anti-armor weapons have proven very capable in destroying Russian tanks and other armored vehicles of all kinds. Both sides likely thought any war between Russia and the NATO nations would be a short war. However, it is being shown that a prolonged war of attrition can be fought in Europe in our modern times. Indeed, both sides are showing signs of using up their reserves of war stocks. The USA has given Ukraine an immense amount of advanced heavy weapons. There is a report President Biden wants to give Ukraine another $37 billion worth of US military weaponry from America’s reserves of war supplies (second link). That is a breathtaking amount of weaponry, and it raises very serious questions of whether the USA can afford to send any more weapons to Ukraine (third link).

Russia has reportedly been running out of armored vehicles, trained troops, missiles and rockets, etc. Russia instituted conscription of new troops to reinforce its depleted army ranks, but it will take months of training to make seasoned troops out of raw recruits. I have seen reports that Russia has lost approximately 200,000 troops either dead or wounded. Another sign of Russia’s declining reserves of military equipment is its turning to Iran to obtain ballistic missiles, kamikaze drones, etc. to fire at Ukraine’s targets–mostly civilian infrastructures. There are reports that the Ukrainians are shooting down most of the Iranian attack drones, but enough are getting through Ukraine’s air defenses to take out large chunks of Ukraine’s power and energy grids just before winter. Ukraine did drive the Russians out of the regional capital of Kherson and they are pushing Russian troops across the Dnieper River.

This situation is beginning to cry out for a negotiated settlement, but so far none is in the offing. However, Ukraine must realize that its “blank check” from the Biden’s administration is about to end. When the Republicans take control of the US House of Representatives in January, there are reports that they will scrutinize how much of America’s war reserves are being sent to Ukraine to determine when the USA has reached its limits of being able to send more supplies. The first link offered details about a massive NATO naval exercise. I hope NATO is also practicing how to track, intercept and destroy Iran’s kamikaze drones which can also be used to attack warships (fourth link).

The Russian-Ukraine war is likely to reach a pause in action as winter sets in, but it is not yet at an end. Missiles landed in Eastern Poland recently and there was a discussion whether it was Russian missiles which overshot targets in Western Ukraine or whether they were Ukrainian air define missiles which went awry and landed in Poland. As of my writing this, I have heard of no definitive findings about the origin of the missiles which hit Poland. That incident shows it would not take much of a spark to ignite a greater conflagration pitting Russia (and Belarus) against NATO.

This war is drawing Russia and Iran much closer together as allies. That is exactly what was prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 about the alliances that would eventually fight a final World War III at the end of our current age. In Ezekiel 38:1-6, Iran is identified by the word “Persia,” and Russia is easily identified by the words “Meshech, Tubal and Magog.” They are prophesied to be military allies in the end times, and that is exactly what they are. Many Christian writers and scholars do not accurately apply the names of the ancient nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38 to their modern counterpart nations in today’s world. Modern events are steadily showing that Ezekiel 38-39 will be fulfilled in our future. For full evidence that we are living in the biblical latter days, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, and for a full examination of what Ezekiel 38-39 (and other biblical prophecies) reveal about how a final World War III will start, where key conflict zones will be and how the war will end, I invite you to read my research report, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War IIIIf you do, I think you will be amazed to learn how accurate biblical prophecy really is. It can only be this accurate because the Creator Being who inspired them in previous millennia is alive and guiding them toward their inevitable fulfillment.