Steven Collins
May 13, 2007

My local newspaper, the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, today reprinted an article credited to the Chicago Tribune entitled “Governors, Bush Square off over Nation Guard.” The article documented that the National Guard units of all 50 states are suffering increasingly severe shortages of necessary manpower and equipment due to the deployments of National Guard personnel and equipment to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The article specifically cited the experience of Kansas Governor Sebelius whose National Guard units were a”understaffed and underequipped” to respond to the disaster created by the tornado which destroyed the city of Greensburg, KS. Washington State’s Governor Gregoire said her state faced the same shortages and added: “I soon discovered that virtually all the other governors were in the same position.” According to the article, National Guard units now have “…only 56 percent of [their] required equipment, the lowest levels in almost six years.” Even though Defense Secretary Gates is asking Congress for $22 billion for Army National guard units over the next five years, that would only “take Guard equipment levels up to 76%” [of necessary readiness levels].

The article catalogues some of the equipment shortages in various states, and it is evident that severe shortages in National Guard units will be present for years into the future. Another “hot button issue between the governors and the president involves the Insurrection Act,” which governs how National Guard units can be “federalized.” The article states the “problem is so severe that Congress is considering moves to curtail the president’s powers” in this area.

Earlier blogs have commented on the severe personnel and equipment shortages in the US Army and Marine Corps, and another commentary also dated today examined a report that the US Air Force has a very old inventory of warplanes in need of considerable maintenance to remain operable. National Guard units are also in dire need of reinforcements and new equipment so the weakened state of the US military is widespread and systemic.

It is truly strange that the White House and Congress seem so blithely unconcerned about the dramatic erosion of the US military during recent years.  What if North Korea attacks South Korea? What if Iran decides to invade other Mideastern nations? What if China decides the weakness of the US military offers a great opportunity to invade Taiwan? The White House and Congress seem fast asleep concerning these dangers. The US military is now too small and overextended to respond powerfully to any new such crisis.

However, Ezekiel 38’s prophecy reveals a far bigger crisis is certain to come. It reveals that World War III will occur at the end of our current age just before the return of Jesus Christ (referred to in Ezekiel 38:20 as God’s “presence” coming to the earth). Bible prophecy reveals the USA will have to fight for its very survival at the end of this age.

Those who are not familiar with the author’s reasons for making these assertions are invited to read a detailed report (“Ezekiel 38-89 and World War III”) accessible at the prophecy links at this website. Also, abundant evidence that the USA and many  modern nations of the Western World are the “house of Israel” described in Bible prophecy can be found in the author’s books on the history of the ten tribes of Israel, available at the book links at this website.