I was reading my current copy of National Geographic magazine when I noticed something interesting I thought I’d share with readers of this blog. National Geographic is known for its magnificent photographs and compelling stories about foreign lands and peoples. One does have to overlook the heavy pro-evolution bias that it includes in its nature stories. However, there was one short story in the September, 2009 issue which inadvertently validated a piece of Biblical information. The story was entitled “From Africa to Astoria by way of Everywhere,” and it attempts to trace the migrations of modern mankind from its origin to where humans now live. This is not specifically about the ten tribes of Israel, but it touches on the origins of all Israelite and non-Israelite nations in the modern world so I have included it in this blog category.

This story includes a chart with migration arrows originating from the region of the earth where DNA evidence indicates modern mankind originated. The chart (see the link below) shows that all modern races originated somewhere in a broad, roughly rectangular region of the earth stretching from the Caspian Sea to Central-East Africa.  I’m sure the National Geographic editors did not realize it, but their chart agrees with the Bible’s narrative about the origin of all modern nations!

Genesis 6-8 records the account of the great global deluge in Noah’s time. The Bible asserts that Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives literally re-populated the earth after all the rest of pre-Flood mankind was terminated by God for its rampant sinfulness. The Bible records that all modern nations have descended from the sons of Noah and their wives. Genesis 8:4 states that the Ark that carried Noah’s family through the Deluge came to rest in “the mountains of Ararat.” These mountains of Ararat include the easternmost region of Turkey. The National Geographic chart shows that the mountains of Ararat are included in the northern portion of the region that modern DNA studies indicate all modern nations originated. The magazine chart opines that mankind originated in East Africa “200,000 years ago,” and took 150,000 years to reach the regions of Ararat. That seems highly illogical. Bipedal mankind could easily make it to Ararat from East Africa (if that is where mankind originated) in a few years as they expanded outward. Is the magazine implying mankind could only crawl for the first 150,000 years? [Pardon my cynicism at evolutionary mythology].

The magazine chart does accurately locates the general region where modern mankind originated, but they have their chart skewed both in terms of origins and dating. The Bible asserts that modern mankind originated in the northern portion (Ararat) of that rectangular area on the magazine and expanded outward from there to all continents. Modern mankind did not originate in Africa, but it was peopled when the descendants of Ham (Mizraim, Phut, Cush, Canaan–see Genesis 10:6) later migrated there from the Ark’s resting place at Mt. Ararat. Also, the magazine’s dates are way off. The Bible indicates that modern mankind originated no more than 6,000 years ago, but it also indicates that the earth is far, far older than mankind and that it was inhabited long before mankind was created on it. If you would like to know the true story of what the Bible actually asserts happened during the prehistoric ages before mankind was created, I invite you to read my article entitled Is the Earth Really 6,000 Years Old?, which agrees with modern scientific findings about the ancient age of the earth. You can find it at the articles link at this website’s homepage. The September, 2009 issue of National Geographic magazine includes, as always, excellent photos of the earth’s flora and fauna. The sheer beauty of the creation is evident in every issue, but the magazine (like all modern secular magazines) never gives the Creator any credit for the beauty of his handiwork (Psalm 19:1). Romans 1:18-25 prophesied that God-rejecting attitude on the part of mankind would occur, and it has come to pass in our modern times.

After Jesus Christ/Yahshua returns and sets up the Millennium/Messianic Age over all nations, mankind will then marvel that humans in the latter days of this age were ever so vain and benighted that they could think the marvelously-designed creation, a testament to God’s wisdom, power and artistry, all just “happened” by accident without a designer.