Hello Steven,

Pray you are well, It’s been a while. Have been following your articles on Chinese nanotech weapon development, there seems no end in evil, and this is the very beginning. When there is a confirmed live(dead) test, then production and deployment to delivery systems, there won’t be any option for the chinese not to use it.

They could test it on Israel, there neighbors would cheer,


You are correct that there seems “no end” of evil in the modern world, and it is surely going to get worse before the end of this age. I’ll continue to follow the subject of Chinese nanotechnology weaponry in the future.
When/if China conducts “live” tests of its nanotechnology weaponry on human beings, my bet is that they will do so in very secret laboratories on subjects who will be political prisoners, criminals, people from other nations who “disappear” while traveling in China, etc. I strongly doubt the Chinese would do a “live” attack on a nuclear-armed nation in a preliminary test. Any nation targeted by a genetic/nanotechnology weapon would surely know that China was responsible because the entire world knows China has the most advanced program in this field. The Israelis would surely retaliate with nuclear weapons if China gave its nanotechnology weaponry to Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran or Syria to use. A previous blog documented that the Israeli Navy has taken delivery of two more German-built, advanced-technology submarines capable of firing nuclear-armed cruise missiles. That gives the Israeli Navy 5 such submarines to deter any such attacks. I’m sure China is well-aware that the Israeli Navy can launch salvos of nuclear cruise missiles at the cities and military facilities of any nation who targets the Israelis with a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). A nanotechnology/genetic bomb might be the ultimate WMD! For that reason, I doubt the Chinese would allow their nanotechnology weaponry to be given to terrorists. I think China will save this weaponry for a “final stroke” at the end of this age if they do perfect the technology.