I don’t see anything in the Bible that even hints at Nano weapons being

Part of the ecosystem of the Antichrist is fear .. the Bible teaches faith.



Keep in mind that there are important things that will happen in the latter days that are not told to us in the Bible. For example, there are “seven thunders” mentioned in Rev. 10:4 which signified a sequence of seven events in the latter days, but John was told to “seal up” those seven events and keep them secret so latter-day readers of the Bible would not know what those events were. This rather implies that there will be some major “surprises” in store for all of us in the future as events will occur which we have not anticipated. God may have chosen to keep some of the end-time events secret to test his people’s faith in the latter days.
Also, the Bible gives us a broad overview of letter-day events, wars, etc. but it does not give us all the details of what will occur by any means. You are correct that the Bible teaches we need to have faith in God, but he more we understand what is happening “behind the scenes” in world events, the less likely it is that our faith will be blind-sided by shocking events. Also, there is no question that the Chinese are building nanotechnology weapons. The only question is their specific goals for these weapons and how far their development of these weapons have progressed. Since there is no question China intends to build and deploy such weapons of mass destruction, it is not only the Christians but also all the nations which need to consider the ramifications of this very secretive weapons program. My blogs offer my thoughts on this subject.  The future will reveal China’s intentions.