A reader from a southern state sent me the link below which describes a mysterious pestilence which suddenly killed crops, trees, birds and even weeds in an area north of Memphis, Tennessee. The link is a video segment from TV station WREG in Memphis. The mysterious pestilence apparently appeared very rapidly and there is no explanation for its origin on the TV segment. Apparently, no people were reportedly killed or sickened in the incident, and the pestilence affected both organic and conventional crops in a very localized area.

Since the sudden pestilence killed both crops and birds, it sounds like it could have been a chemical agent of some kind which did this. If seems unlikely that it was either a plant virus or an avian disease as either one of those types of diseases would have killed either plants or birds, but not both plants and birds. People interviewed from the area of the strange pestilence think that it was something in the air which caused it. For that reason, I hope the authorities are investigating the records of all known crop-dusting airplanes that are based in the region to see if a crop-dusting plane was used to spray toxins in a terrorist incident. It is also possible that crop-dusting chemical agents were mistakenly mixed due to human error in a way which killed both plants and birds. It seems that simple lab tests would reveal the presence of any chemical residues on affected plants or in the remains of the dead birds. If there are no chemicals or bacteriological agents detected in the plant or bird remains, then the mystery grows deeper.

After the terrorist events on 9/11, there were concerns expressed that crop-dusting planes could be used to spray chemical or bacteriological agents in a way to kill people or harm crops. Theoretically, any small airplane or helicopter could have been used to dump out harmful chemicals over an area picked at random by terrorists who wanted to test a way to harm the USA. No doubt, authorities will check out all the flight plans of airplanes and helicopters which flew over the affected region in the days and hours prior to the outbreak. Even a hot-air balloon could be used to dump toxins on a small area by people who wanted to inflict some random damage.

Pestilences are named in Matthew 24:7 as a problem which would emerge in the latter days to affect the world, but it is far too early to conclude that this bizarre pestilence which killed crops and birds north of Memphis is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The limited information so far points to a man-made toxic agent of some kind which was dropped from the air and killed plants and birds in the region where it fell to the earth. Since the pestilence does not appear to be spreading from the area affected, an air-dropped toxic agent of some kind would be a logical explanation for the event.

If it was a man-made substance which caused this, the authorities need to determine whether it was caused by human error or not. If no human error explanation can be found, then it increases the odds that this was a terrorist event. If it was a terrorist event, it shows how vulnerable the USA is to random attacks upon its food supplies. Both governmental and non-governmental sources have warned that there are “sleeper cells” of Hezbollah or other terrorist groups present in America which could be activated at any time when given the word by Hezbollah leaders (which answer to Iran). Iran and Hezbollah have had years to consider many different ways to harm the USA. Given that war tensions are rising in the Mideast due to the efforts by Iran, Turkey and others to break the blockade of Hamas in Gaza, did someone just send the USA a message and the area north of Memphis was randomly selected as the place to send the message? At this point we do not know. I hope the authorities do a diligent investigation to get to the bottom of this incident.