I was refered to your site by a person on myspace whom has written a book on the ancient assyrians. I have ran into a mystery in stone out here in western colorado that I can not explain and I’d like to send you some pics to see if you can help identify the kerub and such carved on a grand scale in the canyons near my work.
Douglas Wright
Dear Doug,
Thank you for sending the photos which you thought might indicate images with archaeological significance. I certainly can’t know from the photos whether they are valid ancient artifacts of man-made origin or whether the images are simply coincidental patterns made by weathering or an accident of camera angle. However, as the books of Dr. Barry Fell (a famous epigrapher) and Dr. Cyrus Gordon (a famous archaeologist) have confirmed, there is no question that many ancient civilizations from the Old World were present in ancient America.
At my homepage, you can click on the “books” tab and see/consider the evidence of ancient Israelites at a site in New Mexico via the “Decalogue Tablet” and “photo gallery” links. In the discussion of that important archaeological/epigraphic site, I mention that the photos were provided by Douglas Jones, President of the New Mexico Epigraphic Society. He is skilled in evaluating ancient inscriptions and in examining sites with possible archaeological significance. While primarily an epigrapher, he may also know someone who could evaluate your photographed sites of rock formations/images for authenticity. Mr. Jones’ address is: PO Box 50007, Albuquerque, NM  87181-0007. You can also email the photographed images to him at: epigraphic@comcast.net. If any other readers have ancient inscriptions or sites which may have archaeological significance, I urge you to contact Mr. Jones via his address or email. Douglas Jones is a friend of mine and I trust his judgment on such matters. He has spent more days under the hot sun in the American Southwest scouting out and evaluating possible ancient inscriptions and artifacts than anyone else I know.
Steve Collins