The first link below, from Reuters, reports that Myanmar (once called Burma) is seeking to obtain nuclear weapons. Myanmar is governed by a military junta allied with China, so Myanmar may be receiving help on its project behind the scenes from China.  I previously reported to readers of this blog on 8-6-09 about Myanmar’s effort to obtain nuclear weapons. That blog cited the second link below on this subject.

If Myanmar obtains nuclear weapons, practically every nation in Asia that can do so will want and need nuclear weapons to deter attacks against their nations. My previous blogs have also reported that South Korea has had a secret nuclear program for many years (hardly a surprise due to North Korea’s nuclear program), and that Japan could become a nuclear power very quickly whenever it chooses to do so. Taiwan is close-lipped about the subject, but no nation on earth has a more pressing need to “go nuclear” given China’s bellicose attitude and aggressive military posture toward Taiwan. If I were a Taiwanese leader, I’d have had a clandestine nuclear program in place for many years.

The Reuters report indicates that Myanmar may be years away from actually obtaining nuclear weapons technology, but  it also reports that Myanmar is receiving the “help of nuclear-armed North Korea.” If this is true, then Myanmar could obtain nuclear weapons a lot sooner than currently thought possible. If China decides to help its ally, Myanmar, it could receive them “off the shelf” from China if China decides to do so. I suspect if China gives Myanmar nuclear weapons, they will be guarded by Chinese military personnel and will remain under Chinese control. It would be a way for China to relocate some of its own nuclear weaponry outside of China’s own territory, and move them within very close striking range of India. This would be very bad news for India, which would need very fast defensive missiles to shoot down any Chinese nukes fired at India from Myanmar in a future war.

In II Timothy 3:1, Paul warned that “perilous times” would come in the latter days, and Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 24:22 that the survival of “all flesh” would be endangered in the latter days. As nuclear weapons proliferate and even unstable nations like North Korea, Iran and Myanmar already have or are seeking to develop them, these prophecies look more true with each passing year.