According to the website (see first link), Muslim Brotherhood fighters have joined forces with Al Qaida fighters in Egypt to try to attack and destabilize the current government of Egypt installed by the Egyptian military. If true, the Muslim Brotherhood has shown its true loyalties and agendas. It was a force for Islamic radicals all along and it is serving the agenda of Iran to destabilize or overthrown as many Sunni Arab/Islamic governments as possible. This link also indicates that Hamas has joined the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida forces to attack and kill Egyptian military personnel.

The Egyptian Sinai Peninsula has been especially dangerous recently as the Egyptian military is fighting an insurrection by the radical Islamists who attack not only Egyptian military forces, but Egyptian policemen and government facilities. However, the attack described in the first link occurred close to the Suez Canal, indicating that that strategic asset may come under increasing attack by Moslem Brotherhood and Al Qaida forces. If they occur, we may not hear about them in media reports.

The second link, from the BBC, describes what may be the same attack from a different perspective. It adds the important piece of information that an Al Qaida source in Iraq broadcasted a message asking members of the Egyptian military to defect to the side of Al Qaida and the Islamic radicals. This also indicates that Al Qaida is still active in Iraq as well. This illustrates an odd fact about bizarre alliances in the Mideast. Al Qaida is a Sunni radical Islamist entity, but it is serving the interests of Shiite Iran in trying to destabilize Sunni governments within the Islamic world. It is worth noting that this Al Qaida broadcast came from within Iraq. Iraq’s central government is now led by the Shiites who are aligned with Iran. As I’ve noted in previous posts, Iraq is now effectively dividing into three separate entities: (A) A Shiite state in the eastern portion ruled by the central government in Baghdad, (B) Sunni tribesmen who live in the western portion of Iraq, and (C) the Kurdish Autonomous Zone in northern Iraq which is increasingly functioning as a de facto nation-state of its own. It is an astounding footnote to the US invasion of Iraq that the USA could so easily “win the war,” but so ignominiously “lose the peace” that followed it.

The third link is a report about the decision by the Obama administration to cut aid to the Egyptian nation at this time. I think this is the wrong decision. It greatly lessens any influence that the USA will have in Egypt’s future, and the current Egyptian government and military forces will trust President Obama even less than before this action by Obama. Other Sunni governments who supported the Egyptian military (like Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia) will surely trust Obama less as well. I also think it is unwise as the Egyptian military was acting to implement the overwhelming will of the Egyptian people when it overthrew the elected Muslim Brotherhood government. Even though Morsi was elected democratically, he quickly revealed his malevolent agenda when he tried to make himself a dictator who was above the courts and the laws of Egypt. He wanted to rule by decree, proving he manipulatively used the democratic process to create a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship. The Egyptian people had incredibly massive demonstrations demanding his ouster when they saw what he was doing (and what a mess he was making of the Egyptian economy), and the Egyptian military implemented the will of the Egyptian people when it ousted Morsi. All western (and all peace-loving) governments should have been relieved that the Egyptian military took the action it did!

The fourth link notes that the Egyptian courts are implementing a dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood Party in Egypt. No doubt, they want to be sure the Muslim Brotherhood has no chance of a revival. After seeing Morsi’s effort to make himself a dictator above the courts, the Egyptian courts are also acting to save Egypt from a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship, as did the Egyptian military. This seems obvious to me. I wonder why the Obama administration can’t see this fact. If they could have seen this seemingly self-evident fact, they would not have cut aid from the current Egyptian interim government. Indeed, they should have been congratulating and supporting the Egyptian military and courts, in my opinion.