A recent poll, which received very little attention in the establishment media, revealed that “56% of Americans believe China is an enemy compared to 33% who feel the country is an ally.” This poll confirms that most Americans can see the obvious fact that China’s rapid militarization, its intense spying and cyberwarfare efforts vs. the USA, its control over U.S. product supplies and its position of major influence over America’s economy and finances (as America’s largest creditor) make it an enemy nation. Most Americans can see this even though U.S. governmental officials routinely try to pretend that this is not the case. That 33% of Americans think China is an “ally” indicates to me that 33% of Americans simply aren’t paying attention to world news.

Notice how misleading the headline of this attached story about the poll is. It is entitled “Americans believe relationship with China is most important.” This infers that most Americans think positively about China, when that it clearly not the case. Believing that relations with China are “currently most important” is an opinion that many of those who think China is an enemy nation would also share. China’s rising military power and its power to manipulate the USA’s policies because of its financial power over the U.S. Government do, indeed, make it the “most important” relationship at present.

I find it gratifying that by a “landslide” margin, Americans can see the truth that China is an enemy nation, which is the situation prophesied in Ezekiel 38. I think many in the U.S. Government realize it too, but they are now so compromised by the megatrends now in place that they are too scared to admit it publicly.