A reader sent the link below from CBN-TV, and it is worth passing on to readers of this blog. The link contains a short video clip taken with a hidden camera. It contains visual evidence that Moslems are regularly blocking streets and assuming control of regions of Paris with “private guards” while the Parisian police do nothing even though this Moslem activity is illegal.

Of course, the longer the French government appeases the Moslems in these matters, the more aggressive the Moslems will become. Even though the French government is being surprisingly passive about this creeping Moslem “take-over” of Parisian neighborhoods, the video documents that a backlash against the Moslems is now occurring among the French people.

At some point the French government is going to have to aggressively enforce its laws or it will lose its credibility to govern the nation. While this video clip shows what is going on in Paris, the same problem is doubtlessly being faced by other European governments. If the European governments do nothing to enforce their laws on the Moslems who are flouting those nations’ laws, it will hasten a cultural conflict between the native European populations and the Moslems in their midst who have little or no interest in assimilating into the cultures of the nations in which they live.

This video clip from a hidden camera illustrates well one of the “curses” of God (detailed in Deuteronomy 28:43) upon his “covenant” peoples when they reject and disobey him. The French are identified in my books as being predominantly descended from the Israelite tribe of Rueben, so they are one of the “covenant” peoples to which Deuteronomy 28 applies. Deuteronomy 28:43 states that when such “covenant” peoples reject God’s ways, one of the results will be that the “stranger” living within their nations will get lifted up higher and higher and their own populations will be brought steadily lower within their own nations. The video link illustrates that this prophesied “curse” is now happening in Paris and in other nations and cities founded by the modern ten tribes of Israel, who migrated into Europe from Asia after their exile from the original Promised Land.

Will the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel ever wake up to their real heritage? I believe the biblical answer is “yes.” When the prophesied Two Witnesses come on the world scene wielding unprecedented Divine powers to plague the nations to wake them up, I’ll bet they will be telling all nations their biblical origins and calling them to repentance. That is when all the nations will face their ultimate “decision time.” To read more about the prophesied final ministry of these two powerful prophets who will do their work at the conclusion of “the latter days,” I invite you to read my article, The Two Witnesses, available at the home page of my website.