November 25, 2008
Steve Collins
You are likely wondering how the title of this blog can be true. I was amazed when I saw the facts verifying this in an 11/24/08 USA Today newspaper article entitled “Russian cybercrime fighter sells security.”
The article (see link below) reports that an internet security service called Kapersky Lab has taken over a significant share of the global internet security business and is making increased inroads into the US market as well. Apparently no one is worried that Kapersky Lab, founded by Eugene Kapersky is based in Moscow at a time when US government sources have said Russian and Chinese spying on the USA and the West has reached Cold War proportions. His business was boosted because in 2004, he “was the first to identify a major shift by hackers to cybercrime.”
USA Today reports that Eugene Kapersky “studied cryptography at a high-school co-sponsored by the Russian Department of Defense and the KGB, and later worked for the defense department as a cryptologist.” He has built his business partially be hosting “multiday bacchanal” events, and this year’s event was hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia (formerly Leningrad).
Let’s see if we understand this situation. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s “strong man,” was a KGB spy-master, and the founder of Kapersky Lab was trained in cryptography by the KGB. Am I the only person that sees the possibility of a teensy-weensy chance that the KGB could be using Kapersky Lab as a front company to infiltrate Western businesses, governments, etc?
Hopefully, Kapersky Lab is legitimate, but someone in the US Intelligence services needs to ask some hard questions here. Russian cyberattack abilities are very real, as demonstrated by a Russian cyberattack vs. Estonia not long ago. It would present Russia with a great advantage over NATO if KGB-trained personnel could provide security software to major western governments and companies.  Even if the security software products are completely trustworthy now, how difficult would it be for the KGB to work through this software company to implant a Trojan Horse program in the future during a “routine update” to the software in preparation for a major cyberattack by Russia on vital western computers?
Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and their allies (the Gog-Magog alliance) will unquestionably attack the USA, NATO and their allies at the end of our age. The attacked nations will be the modern ten tribes of “Israel.” For evidence demonstrating conclusively that the USA, many European nations, etc. are the modern ten tribes of Israel who have grown great and numerous after their ancient exile (just as Hosea 1:10 prophesied), I invite you to listen to the free audio messages on the history of the ten tribes available for free at this website or listen to my recent, two-part interview on Israel National Radio (also available for free at this website). The Gog-Magog alliance will, undoubtedly, use all the considerable wiles and resources of the KGB to infiltrate the USA and the West prior to the launching of that future attack. A recent blog reported that the senior intelligence officer of one Eastern European nation was found to be working for the Russian KGB. It would greatly cripple NATO defenses if Russia can arrange to implant “bugs” in the security systems of the West to shut down key western computer systems when a future attack occurs. It would also be an intelligence bonanza for the Russians in the years leading up to that attack.
Again, maybe this Moscow-based company is a legitimate security firm for Western nations. I hope so, but I hope Western Intelligence agencies are watching this situation very closely.